The kitchen is an essential part of a home. Even though it is a household staple, it is more than just the cooking and food preparations area. The kitchen is also a storage haven and a multipurpose place. Prospective buyers are usually on the lookout for spacious and practical kitchen areas, and great photos are extremely helpful when it comes to showcasing the kitchen’s expanse.

Most photographers take photos of the kitchen using the staple shot, taken from outside the kitchen premises, overlooking the countertops, cabinets, and windows. For the image to stand out, a two-point perspective shot can capture the kitchen area’s span. The one-point perspective can also be used, but only if the kitchen is orderly and properly arranged.

A practical example of the one-point perspective is the shot with the stools arranged horizontally on the countertop island, with the wall side cabinets and countertops adorning the photo’s background. Another angle presents the kitchen’s wide dimension by shooting from the corridor space between the wall side countertops and the countertop island. This angle shows that the kitchen has enough space for cooking and for people to move around.

When it comes to point perspectives, it is a cardinal rule that one side of the photo will be open so that space won’t look cramped or closed. Sometimes, a shot taken from inside the kitchen looking out onto the area could serve as the bridge that connects the two sections of the house. It will seamlessly establish the kitchen entrance and its relation to the other rooms, giving a broader perspective of the house’s areas.

It is best to take at least two or three shots of the kitchen for the agent to have plenty of photos to choose from.

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Kitchens are another important feature of the house. The trademark real estate kitchen shot is taken from outside of the kitchen and countertop island looking towards the cabinetry and windows. This is typically a two-point perspective shot but kitchens are where one point perspectives can be very effective and orderly. One example of an effective one point perspective kitchen shot, is a shot of the stools lining the countertop island horizontally with the wall side countertops and cabinets in the background. Another example is shooting down the corridor created by the island and the countertop.

Like I mentioned while discussing on point perspectives before, one side will necessarily be open, so the space won't look overly closed. Also the shot makes the space between the island and the countertop look expansive, so prospective buyers will be assured that there's ample space for cooking. Sometimes it's a good idea to shoot from inside of the kitchen looking out into space is beyond. This can be a good bridge between two spaces, articulating the layout of different sections of the house and how they are related. Always take at least two or three different angles of the kitchen so that the agent has options. They may even want all three!

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