Photographer Tutorial 26: How to master the basics of real estate exterior editing

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Similar to interiors, exterior photographs will have a lot of stylistic qualities that you will need to achieve and think about while editing every real estate photograph. Firstly, like interiors your photographs should be well exposed both in the foreground and the background of sky. Information from the brightest highlights and darkest shadows should be visible.

Again, the photograph should be properly white balanced this is especially important with grass, trees and other greenery. If the greenery is overly warm or cold, it will be very noticeable to the viewers and will look fake and after white balance in your photograph make sure all the colors are rich and vibrant. The Greenery and the blues of this guy should pop.

Lastly, and this is worth repeating. Make sure that your photo looks realistic and believable. If your Sky mask is choppy or the greens are overly saturated or the sky is dark in comparison to the rest of the photo then it'll be obvious that it has been over edited or edited poorly. When you're finished editing each photo take a few seconds and look at the photo. If anything stands out as being ugly out of place or unrealistic please figure out a way to make it look good and convincing.
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