Photographer Tutorial 8: Living Rooms

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Living rooms can vary dramatically in scale and layout but here are a few general considerations. Living rooms primarily display best in two point perspective shots, although if the room is extremely orderly and symmetrical, a one-point perspective can be effective. It is ideal to shoot between two or three shots of the living room, as it is typically a main selling feature and one of the larger interior spaces of the house. There are almost always windows in a living room. Shots facing towards windows are typically more inviting and colorful and will really stand out with a top real estate photo editing company completing your post production work. Take at least one shot of the living room facing towards the windows.

Also, fireplaces are a strong selling point for prospective buyers, so if a living room has a fireplace, which they often do, get one shot facing towards the fireplace. Couches can often be obstructive or difficult to negotiate with a camera. There two ways to reconcile this difficulty. One is the subjective approach, where you shoot over the arms of the couch so the viewer sees the space from a more intimate inclusive viewpoint. The other is the objective view, shot from the corner and showing off the whole room with the back of the couch in frame. Whether a room looks best in the objective or subjective perspective will depend entirely on the specifics of the room,as well as the client tastes and needs. Usually it is best to take both, so they have an option when doing a review of the photos at the end of shooting.

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