Dining Rooms

Dining rooms are usually simple and sophisticated, providing a comfortable yet convenient feeling to the people who will occupy and share stories in it shortly. Prospective buyers tend to look for dining rooms that are not merely functional but also perfect for private conversations and dinner parties. Whether it is adorned by a long table or a simple three-chaired one, it needs to be photographed correctly to utilize its beauty and practicality.

This particular room can be photographed from a two-point perspective shot from the back, overlooking the windows. Photos showing the connection between the dining room and the kitchen can also help establish how the two rooms are conveniently related. This will help the buyers determine whether the dining area and the kitchen are spatially connected and how they will maneuver the two spaces. The camera should be placed at a higher angle to cover the top plane of the table entirely.

Meanwhile, one must not disregard the power of one-point perspective shots, for they effortlessly present the dining area’s spaces. One example can be a shot pointing down the table or across it, effectively seeing the table’s expanse and the location. The right perspective fit for the dining room ultimately depends on its layout and how far back the camera can be placed.

Ensure that the chairs are also perfectly placed and ushered into the table to make the shot look orderly and clean-cut. It is also imperative to clean the place from any clutter or any obstacles that may obstruct the view and declutter the adjacent room. This will accentuate the dining room’s real features and showcase its natural state.


Dining rooms are pretty straightforward. Typically they look best from a two point perspective backed up as far as possible and shooting towards the windows. Sometimes the dining room back towards the kitchen with show how they're spatially and functionally related. Be sure to prop the camera up high enough to see over the top plane of the table.

There are rare occasions where one-point perspective dining room shots are effective and beautiful. Either pointing down the table or cross it. Either way, the Integrity of the shots are dependent on the layout of the space and how far you can back the camera,so you'll have to use your discretion. Once again be sure to double-check to make sure all the chairs are tucked in and evenly spaced so that the dining room display looks orderly and neat. Make sure to declutter the dining table and surrounding room to reduce the need for more difficult real estate image enhancement.

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