Photographer Tutorial 15: Agent Review Process and Conclusion

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Once you finish capturing all the angles of a particular listing, your last obligation on site is to do a review of the photos with the agent. This process is crucial in avoiding unhappy clients. Not only does it give them a chance to edit out superfluous photos they don't like or need, it also allows them to ensure you captured every part of the space they want to market. Sometimes they will ask you to retake a shot from a different angle or shoot a section of the property of excluded. These mistakes or exclusions are best remedied on-site rather than through a retrip. Once you finish your review, count the photos for the agent so they know how many they'll be paying for. If the agent is on a budget and wants to reduce the photo count, help them choose which photos you think will least effectively help in marketing the property. Remember this is your opportunity to sell the agent on the angles you decided to take, so explain your decisions and articulate why you like particular photos. Hopefully you know more than they do about photography, so if you emit confidence in your craft, that confidence will likely be reciprocated. Now you are ready to submit your images to your real estate image editing company. That is all the general knowledge you'll need to begin shooting beautiful real estate photographs. Of course the best way to internalize these principles and processes is practice and experience. So try taking some photographs of your own living spaces or those of your family and friends before you contract any actual shoots. I hope this has been instructed have a good day and happy shoot it.
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