Photographer Tutorial 14: Twilights

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The last specific shot type we will cover are twilight shots. Agents oftentimes like to include a couple exterior photos taken during dust because the warm orange glow of the properties lights complement romantically the deep blue of the properties ambient lighting. Usually you will shoot the regular daytime photos and then return to the property later in the day to shoot the twilights. Make sure the agent or homeowner either leaves all of the interior and exterior lights on or that you have access instructions so that you can arrive early and make sure all the fixtures are glowing. Twilight shots are not much different than daytime exteriors except you will need to leave the shutter open for longer and as a result the extra cautious to avoid camera shake. The ideal lighting for Twilight shots between ten minutes and twenty minutes after Sunset. The specific time will obviously depend on the time of year. Make sure you do not take your twilight shot too early at dusk or photograph will look inadequately dramatic even with the use of a top real estate photo editing company.
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