Photographer Tutorial 16: How to master the basics of Adobe Bridge for Real Estate

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In the next few tutorials, I will discuss programs outside a Photoshop that you will use to organize and edit your photos. The first program is Adobe Bridge, Bridge, like Finder on the Mac is a browser software, unlike Finder though, it's compatible with and communicates well with other Adobe programs like Camera Raw, Photoshop, and Lightroom. Which is why you will use it to organize your orders.

Basically, Bridge is like your Launchpad you have several basic scrolling options on Bridge. The first is Essentials, Essentials displays all of your files and small thumbnail images in a row. For this reason, Essentials is the best viewing format for organizing your files in separate folders and the viewing format that you will use most often. You can easily view all the images in the order, scroll through them, separate, the bracketed exposures from flash shots, select specific groups of images, etc.

A few additional tricks and tools within Essentials, you can press command + or - to make your thumbnail images smaller or larger. Bridge and Camera Raw are compatible, so if you select a file or group of files, and press command R, the files will open in Camera Raw directly. If your photos are out of order for some reason, go to Sort by Filename then you’ll be able to view them in order. The other useful viewing format in Bridge is Filmstrip, where at the bottom you have a sequence of thumbnail versions of your files, but at the upper frame, you have an image preview of whatever file you have selected. Filmstrip is a special useful at the end of editing process when you want to make sure photographs are edited consistently. Because you can scroll through all of them in sequence to compare and contrast, color, lighting white balance, etc.

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