Entryways and Staircases

For most grand houses and castles, there is no doubt that adding stunning images of the entryways and staircases are already imperative for the listings. For one, there is no reason why an attractive front door like a french door with a spacious and dramatic entryway not be included in the photo package. So, if you have this stunning doorstep, do not hesitate to include some shots in your listing. It is a great gem to make your property stand out.

The one-point perspective is mostly used to shot this part of the house and make it look more dramatic in the frame. It is best to take shots of a shut door and an open one leading to the spacious entryway. These shots add more emphasis to the area and keep the “welcoming vibe” attracting potential buyers.

On the other hand, the ideal staircases to include in a listing are those big and round ones. These staircases look striking on images because they emphasize the area and the overall aesthetics and designs of the house. For the other types of staircases, try to have more creative ways to present them in the images, impacting the whole picture. This helps in highlighting this part of the home.

At times, taking the best shots for staircases is tricky, especially that it needs to look uncut and natural in a frame. They are also tall structures that need careful consideration regarding what type of angle and perspective to use, the lighting, and lens to use. If you have some ideas to impart, you can always talk to the photographer and your editor to ensure that you get the perfect images.

Hence, make it a point to secure some of the best images of your eye-catching French door and breathtaking staircase, or else, you cannot benefit enough from its additional value to your property listing.


The entryway is typically only worth capturing if a property has a decorative front door, french doors or a dramatic entryway space. One good way to approach this section of the house is to take a one-point perspective shot with the french door swung open,leading your eye into the entryway spaces. And like entryways you don't necessarily have to photograph staircases unless they a distinctive selling feature the property.

Big rounded staircase oftentimes photograph very well. For these shots, you often have to prop your camera up higher than usual because you will effectively be shooting two different levels at once with no ceiling encroaching on the upper part of the composition. Another consideration, that will help out your real estate photo editors, is that because the staircases usually reside in the tallest open spaces in the house, is you'll have to turn up your flash to a more powerful setting than in typical interior shots.

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