Photographer Tutorial 5: Front Exteriors

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Now that we've done over some basic techniques principles and compositional rules of real estate photography, let's talk about specific types of shots you'll take it nearly every shoot you do and others you'll come across often. The MLS requires the cover photo of every listing be an exterior shot, so you want to make sure that you get at least one really stellar front exterior.

The shot sets the tone for the rest of the shoot. Here are some things to consider. If possible backup, sometimes across the street, and zoom in to frame the house closely. The more of the composition the house occupies the larger it will appear. If you keep the lense wide open and the house only occupies a small portion of the composition, you'll be actively dwarfing the house and using your camera against yourself.

Don't cut off the edges of the structure unless you're shooting a vignette detail of the front door or another distinctive architectural feature of the front porch. Don't worry as much about the vertical lines of the structure as you would for interior. It's more important to shoot up to capture the sky and treeline rather than large portions the pavement, sidewalk and driveway. While shooting a two-point perspective shot, it's prudent to shoot from opposite the garage so you have grass and greenery in the lower foreground rather than pavement.

The garage is typically the least aesthetically pleasing section of the front exterior so it's best not to highlight it or give it foreground prominence. Lastly, take into consideration sunlight. To ensure that your real estate image retouching company can produce a great image, don't shoot directly into the Sun and if it's unavoidable put your hand over the lens to block the glare and prevent lens flare.

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