Must-Read Ebooks to Improve Your Real Estate Photography Skills and Set Up Your Property for Success

Must-Read Ebooks to Improve Your Real Estate Photography Skills and Set Up Your Property for Success
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Jul 4, 2024

When it comes to real estate, it is no longer enough to focus on renovations, decluttering, and open house tours to market the property to its target audience. Photography plays a crucial role in advertising every angle of the home and its surrounding area, providing potential homeowners with a realistic view of the property while also maintaining its visual appeal.

As such, a previous post entitled ‘Top 10 Mind-Blowing Real Estate Photo Editing Facts You Didn’t Know’ highlights the importance of investing in photography and post-production for property listings. It was found that homebuyers spend 60% of their time viewing photos when looking for properties online, compared to only 40% spent on reading agent descriptions and listing details. Additionally, over four-fifths (83%) of homebuyers also consider real estate photos in their decision-making process — once again emphasizing the need for high-quality images that grab their attention and keep them engaged.

Such figures demonstrate the potential of unlocking property sales and success through professional photography and editing, but deploying this marketing tactic is easier said than done. Considering the competitive and ever-growing real estate market, you need to continuously improve your photography skills and overall professional strategy to stay ahead of your industry peers. Fortunately, you can rely on ebooks as learning materials to truly leverage the benefits of real estate photography.

Benefits of ebooks for skills development

As previously mentioned, ebooks can be a helpful resource for acquiring and developing skills essential for real estate photography. To start, Technavio’s report on the ebook market notes that this format is being increasingly adopted in the digital age where people use smartphones, tablets, and laptops in work and daily life. Combined with growing internet penetration, this means individuals can download and access ebooks for learning and development, anytime and anywhere. Another important factor in the continued growth of ebooks into an eight-billion-dollar industry is the lower cost compared to traditional books, allowing anyone to read and learn regardless of their budget.

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What’s more, such benefits of accessibility, convenience, and affordability are provided by the digital subscription service Everand. Besides unlimited access to millions of audiobooks, magazines, and podcasts, subscribing to the monthly plan allows you to build a digital library of Everand’s ebooks on art and photography — from trending titles by authors like Molly Bang to curated archives that provide visual stimulation without crowding your shelves. You can also leaf through these ebooks on the go with Everand’s offline reading feature, so consider adding the titles outlined in the following section.

Ebook recommendations for improved real estate photography

Photography 101 by David Johnston

If you’re still a beginner in the field of real estate photography, you need not be intimidated as David Johnston has prepared a handy guide for using a DSLR camera to capture high-quality images. In the short but insightful Photography 101: The Digital Photography Guide for Beginners, you can learn fundamental photography skills like switching between camera modes, exploring lighting and composition, and saving different file types. Overall, the guide enables you to progress your photography skills and gain confidence even when you aren’t shooting in automatic mode.

Architectural Photography by Adrian Schulz

Once you’ve gotten the basic photography skills down pat, you can start tailoring your technique to the niche of real estate, architecture, and interior design. In this light, Architectural Photography, 3rd Edition: Composition, Capture, and Digital Image Processing teaches you how to showcase the form and appeal of a building, inside and out. As a trained architect and photographer, author Jason Schulz uses real-world examples to equip you with the skills to choose the right camera equipment, compose architectural shots, work with ambient and artificial lighting, and process images with an efficient digital photography workflow. Learning from a real-life architectural photographer can also help you gain insights on how to better present and market your property listings through outstanding images.

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Best Business Practices for Photographers by John Harrington

While photography is a craft in and of itself, using images as a real estate marketing tool requires awareness and knowledge of strategic business practices. For example, real estate photographer Eli Jones highlights the importance of building a brand reputation and selling an experience through social media marketing and meaningful client relationships. As such, you can rely on the third edition of Best Business Practices for Photographers as a comprehensive guide for figuring out the photography equipment you need, strategies for marketing, branding, and social media, and digital asset management to ensure your photographs remain financially successful and sustainable.

The Business of Real Estate Photography by Steven Ungermann

For a closer look at how real estate photography businesses operate, refer to tips and lessons included in The Business of Real Estate Photography by Steven Ungermann. As a definitive guide on developing a marketing plan and understanding the financial and legal aspects of real estate photography, it can help you save time and money when entering this industry niche and sharing its gains. The book also includes the author’s own experiences in marketing their professional photography services, encouraging you to express your passion for both real estate and digital photography while also enjoying a flexible lifestyle.

Mastering Drones by Adidas Wilson

Lastly, utilizing photographs for real estate growth and success involves keeping up with the latest industry trends. In this regard, a Biz article on drone photography explains the growing trend of using drones for real estate marketing and its benefits for both realtors and homebuyers. As homes displayed with aerial shots of the property are 68% more likely to sell, you can read Adidas Wilson’s Mastering Drones – A Beginner’s Guide To Start Making Money With Drones to accurately capture wide-angle shots of the property and its surrounding amenities. Besides including a chapter dedicated to drone use in real estate, the book can also assist you in utilizing cloud-based applications to store and manage your aerial footage.

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While most of these titles already cover the basics of real estate photography from capturing to post-processing, consider working with Phixer for advanced software and techniques for editing and processing your listing’s photos and videos. Feel free to explore our website to learn more about our offerings.


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