How Excellent Exterior Shots Make Huge Real Estate Difference

How Excellent Exterior Shots Make Huge Real Estate Difference

Oct 5, 2022

Most of the time, real estate clients decide whether they would pursue further or not just by seeing the exterior shots of a listed property. Thus, showcasing the facade of a house, office building, or apartment is an agent’s make-or-break opportunity.

It is also important to back up a stunning photo with realistic expectations shall the prospective client decide to visit the property personally. Still, the first phase of getting leads and possible sales relies heavily on head-turning imagery. Here are the hows and whys about using excellent exterior shots in real estate.

Customer’s First Impression

Wherever you list properties, the law of first impression applies. Using the main image, the goal is to make prospects see a picture of themselves and their family living in that house. It should give a lasting impression that it is an ideal place for living before laying out other perks in an attempt to close the sale.

However, many clients in real estate knew the tricks behind these over-enhanced photos. Hence, staying honest with presenting the property and combining this magnificent showcasing with truthful description is crucial.

The Challenges Of The Market’s Short Attention Span

As mentioned, leaving a remarkable impact on the listing’s main picture keeps your prospects glued and open to your pitches. Although they are spellbound, it won’t last very long because other property listings will try to grab their attention.

Hence, you need to figure out a way to survive the consumers’ quick attention span. Marketers know that one of the best ways to counter this is a constant reminder through email and other channels. Fortunately, you can make it more effective with brilliant headlines and more fantastic exterior photos of the property they’ve previously seen as its content.

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The Added Luxury Vibe: Shoot That Pool!

Some real agents have discovered the allure of a pool in its pristine condition. Thus, top-performing listings in terms of clicks and lead generation were from inventories that showcased exteriors of properties that included a clean swimming pool.

Compared to the image of a sloppy lawn, both underground pools and above ground pools emit a luxury vibe. This scene strongly conveys that the property is a perfect deal for a buyer seeking gratification from a magnificent real estate purchase.

While shooting pool sceneries is not difficult, it still requires precise execution for the best results. Experts would advise cleaning up the setting and offering good lighting to capture a visual material that will yield fantastic sales and lead generation outcomes.


If set side by side with listings that display bathrooms, entertainment areas, and living rooms, presentations that involve exteriors as the welcoming image perform a mile better. As such, not exhausting the faculty of excellent exteriors is a missed opportunity for any veteran marketer or salesperson utilizing today’s digital channels.

Incorporating exterior photography with your arsenal of sales abilities is a good start in establishing a gap between you and your real estate rivals. As the competition becomes tighter, it is essential not to miss any chance that could put your presentations above others.

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