5 Exceptional Ways to Shoot Real Estate Photos with Your iPhone 14 Pro

5 Exceptional Ways to Shoot Real Estate Photos with Your iPhone 14 Pro
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Jun 12, 2023

Real estate marketing has mastered the art of understanding how photography influences the minds of potential clients. Buyers sift through thousands of online photographs, so your photos must instantly capture their attention when they see it. Consequently, real estate photo editing is one of the most crucial elements in selling a home on social media or through listings.

The iPhone 14 Pro enables you to effortlessly capture a picture of the home or property for sale and share it with prospective buyers. However, it can be challenging to capture a standout shot that isn’t too out of the ordinary, even with the assistance of professional real estate editing services.

iPhone 14 Pro Camera Features

The iPhone 14 Pro is equipped with a 48MP primary, a 12MP ultra-wide, and a 12MP telephoto lens on the back camera, each offering different features that impact zooming and the capture of details, whether through photography or video. Ways to shoot real estate photos with your iPhone 14 Pro include utilizing these lens options to capture various perspectives and enhance the overall quality of your images. Once you’ve taken the photos, it is important to get them edited correctly, imagine the luscious image you’ll have when combined with real estate editing services.

In addition to its versatile camera setup, the iPhone 14 Pro also boasts a high dynamic range (HDR), which provides a wide range of hues and colors compared to the standard dynamic range (SDR). This feature, coupled with Dolby Vision for videos, allows for stunning visual results that real estate photo editors will surely appreciate.

To make your real estate photography experience even better, consider using accessories like tripods and gimbals. These can assist you in capturing steady shots and making the entire photo shoot process easier, particularly if you’re working alone.

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How to Take Marketable Real Estate Photos with Your iPhone 14 Pro

Of course, the tool is only half the work. Having an excellent smartphone can only take you so far, and it is essential to have the right skills and mindset when taking photos. Your skills will help you maximize your device’s potential for the best results.

To achieve practical and beautiful real estate photos, it is important to cover the basics and understand how to use your iPhone 14 Pro effectively:

1. Walk around the home before you start shooting

As a realtor, you may have seen hundreds of homes; however, each property is unique, and the location may appear new or unfamiliar to you.

To get the most appealing shots for your real estate photo editors and clients, you need to feel comfortable with the property. Additionally, this will help you connect more clearly with the property’s value, enabling you to better understand why you need specific types of photographs.

Before editing real estate photos, it’s important to thoroughly explore the entire home or property. This will allow you to stage it effectively and prepare for your shoot. By doing so, you will know which angles to capture, the best time of day to make your property stand out, and which post-production techniques to employ.

2. Declutter

Your iPhone 14 Pro may have great camera features, but more than that is needed to shoot real estate photos. Powerful imaging is critical to a successful deal, and removing irrelevant elements before going to real estate editing services is essential.

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For example, photographing the bedroom with socks hanging down the edge of the bed may be a turn-off to potential clients. It’s a great thing that you can digitally declutter photographs should there be any missed spots.

The goal of photo editing for real estate is for the viewer to feel happy, comfortable, and safe; having that sense of security makes the property look appealing and trustworthy. They will feel inspired or safe about buying if the rooms look put together even before you shoot real estate photos with your iPhone 14.

3. Take different angles of shots

Never underestimate the appeal of variety, especially when shooting with an iPhone 14 Pro. It may appear redundant; nevertheless, this will significantly help you select the best photo for your photo editing for real estate.

Taking different angles of shots is essential as it shows other emotions and portrays additional details of the property in a big way. Different angles or perspectives are complicating your real estate editing services since choosing the perfect picture with the proper angles creates a remarkable photo aspect.

4. Utilize natural light and flash

Lighting creates perceptions of items in photo editing for real estate, so learning how to use it to your advantage is essential for compelling photography. The iPhone 14 Pro camera’s preview also shows you what it looks like with the proper lighting.

Real estate photo editors must balance the light to help convey feelings to potential clients since different lighting types are set the mood. There’s a technique that most photographers use wherein they combine a soft natural light and contrast it with one shot with a flash.

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5. Edit the photos that you captured

The iPhone 14 Pro is capable of taking great high-definition photos, making things easier for real estate photo editors. If you want to know how to shoot real estate photos with your iPhone 14, you do not need to download additional photo editing software to make your images perfect. Feeling like you can’t get the most out of your pictures when capturing them alone is fair. Choose the photo, modify the brightness and color, and rotate or flip the image according to the desired orientation.

If the lighting is awful that day, you can use iOS filter effects to make the picture appear more vibrant. The iPhone camera has a built-in filter that is designed to make life easier for real estate photo editors, using manual override under harsh lighting conditions.

Editing the photos that you have taken is necessary. The quality of photo editing for real estate is also important as it helps your business as the outputs look more professional, and you will showcase your real estate photography skills.


You can create stunning real estate images with the assistance of real estate photo editors. In addition to that, it is essential to capture the perfect angles and prepare the property before the photo session to attract a larger number of buyers. However, the iPhone 14 Pro simplifies these tasks and provides various features that effortlessly enhance the photographs, making them appear beautiful.


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