How to Make your Real Estate Photos Magical in Virtual Twilight?

How to Make your Real Estate Photos Magical in Virtual Twilight?
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Feb 5, 2020

The part of the day that can be the most perfect time to take photographs but is quite difficult to chase the perfect light is during dusk. This time of the day is very tricky for photographers. Outdoor real estate photography needs juicy lighting effects that will radiate on your subject and it is this kind of light that can only be found either at dusk or dawn. Chasing that magical light for your photos to become remarkable is the most challenging part of every real estate photographer.

Impressing potential buyers by showcasing beauty and creativity from you photos will make your house sell fast. You must show exciting portfolio once you put your house on sale online. Taking pictures of the exterior and the interior of the property are the first important things one must do.

But there are houses on sale that are not really on tip-top shape – meaning, the present condition of the house is totally unacceptable to some buyers. Digitally transforming the property into a dream house makes you target the potential buyers you wanted.

With virtual twilight readily available to add effects on your photos, it lessens the hassle of rescheduling appointments just to catch the sunset view. Moreover, if the weather does not permit to give you that spectacular sunset for your backdrop, virtual twilight photography will answer all of this.

Five Concepts why Virtual Twilight is Important to Real Estate Photography

There are concepts that thoroughly explain the special effects surrounding virtual twilight. These are the following.

  1. Virtual staging means virtually staging the interior part of the house in the design preferred by potential buyers. In simple words, it is the process of staging every room of the house virtually. Although this method cannot be related as to how virtual twilight is defined, virtual staging complements with the former as it ideally helps agents sell their products fast.
  2. Virtual twilight basically highlights the exterior part of the house that is transformed by special effects. This method not only makes the property more presentable but it also makes the property more appealing to buyers.
  3. Virtual twilight can increase the beauty and charm of the property most especially on the exterior. Because of the filters and assortment of colors, it enhances the property’s aesthetics to satisfy every human’s eye.
  4. Virtual twilight is a great boost to property sales. There are observations which show that the use of virtual twilight effects are viewed 50% more than the original photos. This means that there is an unbelievable boost as far as the number of potential buyers is concerned.
  5. The use of virtual twilight can very well improve the portfolio of real estate sellers. With the use of this lighting effect, the portfolio of sellers, agents and realtors will look more professional. It will also be more appealing once presented to listings, catalogues, and flyers. Photos that underwent the use of virtual twilight become catchy to the eyes of potential buyers.
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Whenever bad real estate photographs are presented in the listings, for one, they are definitely trying to tell bad stories. Pictures being shot with poorly lit homes, badly edited photos, pictures taken on bad angles are just some of the examples bad real estate photography. One question will eventually sprout from nowhere: Can these pictures generate buyer’s interest?

On the other hand, high quality photos can make the difference between an idle home and a sold home. Effects like virtual twilight make use of the exterior to highlight the outside part of the house being sold. It digitally modifies warm indoor lights and cool outdoor saturation of the property at dusk.

Technically, there are various ways by which virtual twilight can be useful. But its sole purpose is to create emotions out of the property and make it more likeable for buyers. Virtual twilight will make your real estate photos stand out because it helps present a home under the evening glow. It also creates emotional pictures that can literally connect with buyers.

Some would say that virtual twilight is just for luxurious expensive listings only. But believe it or not, virtual twilight is not just for property listings but it can be for real estate magazines, for promotion, that everybody can afford. It practically boils down to the taste of the buyer. This effect just increases the possibilities that the property can be sold immediately for higher price.

On the final note, the use of virtual twilight is nothing if it is not combined with high quality photographs. These two components are perfect combination to boost the selling quality of the property. Because these effects can practically change dull-colored images with warm and romantic spark, virtual twilight is one editing apps that is hard to resist.

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