How to Improve Green Grass Color for Real Estate Photo Editing

How to Improve Green Grass Color for Real Estate Photo Editing
Real Estate Photo Editing

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May 16, 2024

It’s common practice for potential homeowners to thoroughly inspect the properties they want to buy because of the amount they need to spend. They often ask for photos of the property taken from different angles to assess if it’s appropriately priced and contains amenities suitable to their lifestyle.

You should produce the best real estate photos. Improving the green grass color is easy and doesn’t require numerous equipment or years of experience. For this reason, it would help if you worked with professionals like Phixer and availed of real estate grass change services or exerted effort to learn the craft on your own. 

Follow these grass replacement editing techniques below so you can present the best real estate photos to thousands of potential homebuyers.

Method 1: Brush Tool

This method can help you produce the best-looking exteriors made by professional real estate grass change services. This method works best if the grass is simple and doesn’t have any objects in the area. 

  1. Create a new layer in Photoshop and then set the blend mode to “Soft Light.” This option controls the darkness or lightness of the colors on your photos, depending on the blend color. It works by illuminating a diffused light on the image. 
  2. Choose a dark green paint color – the darker the shade, the better. Avoid using light green as this will make your grass unrealistic.
  3. Start painting with your green paint on that “Soft Light” layer over your grass, which applies color to the grass while retaining its original texture.
  4. After you’ve finished painting, choose the “Eraser” tool and erase areas where you accidentally painted green. For example, if you painted over some path or rocks near the grass, the “Eraser” tool will remove any shades of green. This tool can correct your photos and make them more realistic. 
  5. Although not essential, this tip can also help. Open up the green grass layer levels (you can access this by pressing Ctrl + L) and then drag the point on the far right-hand side. This trick can brighten the grass, so it doesn’t look too visually heavy in the photos. 
  6. Next, adjust the “Opacity” of the grass layer. Opacity set to 100% will make the color of the grass too firm, so make sure to adjust accordingly. Opacity set to 70% usually provides better results. 
  7. Flatten the Photoshop document, and you’re good to go!

Method 2: Hue or Saturation

If you don’t know how to replace grass in Photoshop, this method is a great starting point. The tool is the quickest and easiest method to make the grass green in your real estate photos. 

  1. Open the photo you want to edit in Photoshop. 
  2. Add a new adjustment layer and choose “Hue/Saturation.” You can access this setting in the properties panel of Photoshop. 
  3. Change the master color to Yellows. You need to adjust the yellow hues in the photo to make the image green. To do this, move the “Hue” slider to the right, and you’ll see that the grass in the photo will eventually get greener. 
  4. There are no set rules when using this lawn replacement editing technique. It would help if you considered the overall lighting of the picture to determine how you can adjust the hue, saturation, and lightness. 
  5. Once you’re happy with the adjustments, you can save your work, and that’s it! 

Why Should You Improve The Green Grass Color Of Your Real Estate Photos?

How a property looks from the outside can make or break a homebuyer’s decision. Buying a home is expensive, and homebuyers wouldn’t want to spend money on a property that will require them to pay more for repairs or renovations. 

Nothing is more inviting than a green lawn outside of a home. This feature shows that the property is well-maintained, allowing you to attract homebuyers fast. If you want to leave a positive impression and convince homebuyers that your property is the best in the market, it’s crucial to master grass replacement editing techniques.

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Knowing lawn replacement editing tips and tricks can also increase the curb appeal of your listing. This skill can become your edge, especially when you’re selling properties in a very competitive housing market.

Final Thoughts

The lawn is an excellent indicator of a well-maintained property. If you want to succeed in the real estate industry, it’s vital to learn how to replace grass in Photoshop. Producing the most realistic photos can become your key to hauling in homebuyers and earning the most profits!

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