5 Useful Real Estate Photography Hacks

5 Useful Real Estate Photography Hacks
Real Estate Photography

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Aug 17, 2020

Doing real estate related work is never easy, especially when it comes to real estate photography. For one, taking pictures of properties is not just for the sake of it. It has a purpose, and it needs to be done professionally.

In photography, having a niche is imperative. While most photographers may be able to capture different types of images, niching allows them to practice and hone their skills, particularly in only one subject. Hence, some only specialize in weddings, fun shoots, corporate events, real estate, etc.

Photographers are also expected to be pro editors. They should know how to improve their shots and have a good mastery of the craft. Yet, in reality, not all photographers practicing in the real estate niche are expert editors. Sometimes, they still need the help of a real estate photo editing company to polish the images.

That is why knowing some useful photography hacks can help photographers to capture images that need minimal editing or even edit-free photos. Here are a few handy tips to get awesome shots.

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1. Determine the exact area to shoot

Some clients do not want to capture the whole area, especially if some of the space is unattractive. It is best practice to ask the owner if there are any furniture or areas of the property that should be excluded from the shoot. This will help you save time in the editing process, either by yourself or through the help of a real estate photo editing company.

2. Use a wide lens

Using a lens that is at least 12 mm wide will yield more realistic results. It will make the interiors look more significant than they are. One tip to consider is to check with the realtor if some areas should look spacious to lure more interested buyers.

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3. Feature attractive furniture and decorations

When shooting images for a home or any properties, it is best to show its most appealing side, including the furniture and the ornaments. For example, you can highlight a vintage chair or dining set to show intricate pieces of furniture. You can also highlight elegant staircases, accent windows, and walls.

4. Experiment with angles and heights

If you are unsure about where to start shooting or what aspect to use, try testing various angles and heights to make your shots stand out. Take note of photography fundamentals. For example, do not shoot directly at walls because it can make the photo look flat. It is always better to shoot from corners to create depth in the images. On the other hand, the use of low angles is useful, especially in kitchens. Shooting at eye or shoulder level is not always recommended. Moreover, when shooting the exterior of a house, aerial shots are favored to capture more property features.

5. Open all doors and straighten all curtains and cushions

Make it your goal to have neat shots. However, it is a challenge if the room has multiple entrances. The best hack to do is to open all sliding doors because it always creates depth in shots. Hence, you get a “huge space” impression. On the other hand, shooting kitchen and living areas tend to be difficult because of the furniture. The best hack to make this easy is to straighten all essential items such as the kitchen stools, cushions on sofas, books, dining, and outdoor chairs, including all the curtains.

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Those are only five of the many hacks you can practice while taking images of a property. Take time to learn the skills, and eventually, you will get the hang of it. We hope these hacks can help you out!

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