9 Home Listing Red Flags That Will Send Buyers Running

9 Home Listing Red Flags That Will Send Buyers Running
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May 4, 2023

When it comes to selling a luxury home, the listing you place online is of the utmost importance. The virtual snapshots you put in it make it easier for prospective buyers to find the property and give them a crucial glimpse into all its best features. A great home listing is your ticket to increased buyer interest and more selling opportunities for the owner. So it’s essential that you take the time to make every detail perfect. These are some home listing red flags that will send buyers running and how to eliminate them from your own listings.

A Low Asking Price

The first thing a buyer looks at when shopping for a home is the listed price. They do this to get an idea of how that purchase would affect their budget and how it compares to the size of the house and attached property. A lower asking price, especially for a luxury home, insinuates that something is bringing down the overall value. As a result, buyers might feel more hesitant to look seriously at that particular listing.

Poorly Written Descriptions

The quality of the writing on your property listings can also have a major impact on buyer interest. After all, with poor grammar and spelling comes the impression that the agent doesn’t care about presenting a great home. Take your time to list out all the home’s key features and describe them in detail. The more accurate the portrayal online, the more effective the listing will be. Additionally, reread what you write several times for conciseness and clarity. This way, you can minimize searcher confusion and receive more quality leads on the property.

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Unrealistic, Flowery Language

As you write out your property descriptions and features, make sure that you avoid using overly sophisticated or flowery language to describe things. Beautiful prose has no place in a serious home listing, and buyers come to these pages to view the facts, not fiction. Because of this, make sure that you stick to the facts with what you say and find ways to make the listing interesting without making it unrealistic.

Negative Descriptive Wordings

Likewise, don’t use any negative language about the house in your description. Buyers want to see a home’s best assets on display, and writing with negativity can turn away some potentially great deals. While you should never hide a home’s flaws, steering away from phrases like “cramped,” “fixer-upper,” and “secluded” will be a must. Keep your use of descriptive words vague yet accurate so that you can appeal to as many potential interested parties as possible.

The Absence of Property Photos

Another vital home listing red flag to know about is the absence of photos on a property’s profile. Failing to upload a series of images of your property is sure to send buyers running because they won’t know whether they’re interested. Photographs are a highly effective way to showcase a home’s best assets and grab buyer attention through the screens of their devices. Without them, it’s easy to assume that the home is in poor condition or isn’t as advertised in the text. Therefore, the more pictures you have of the house, the yard, and even the surrounding area, the more success you’ll experience in trying to reign in buyers.

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Poor-Quality Photographs

It isn’t enough just to have pictures, though. The images must also be accurate and high-quality representations of the home you’re trying to sell. The pictures need to uphold quality standards to grab the average buyer’s eye. So anything that features bad lighting, blurriness, or an unsteady framework won’t be helpful. Searchers will comb through every detail of these images before they set up a visit with you. Therefore, you must give them enough to intrigue but keep them wanting more.

Bad Staging Efforts

Bad staging within the photographs is a noteworthy red flag for buyers as well. Whether it’s a toilet seat left up or a few crooked picture frames on the walls, even a small detail can spoil the buyer’s perception of the home. When this happens, they’re much less likely to take that extra step to see the property. Fortunately, modern digital editing allows you to go back into your pictures and make key tweaks to ensure that every detail is perfect.

Signs of Home Damage or Clutter

Like awkward staging, damage or clutter in your real estate photos can negatively impact how a buyer sees a home. For this reason, you must avoid capturing areas with blatant damage and urge your sellers to remove as much clutter as possible before shooting. If you still find unsightly items in your photos, the proper photo editing techniques can help eliminate these eyesores. The cleaner and more organized these scenes appear, the greater the chances that buyers will take an interest in the property.

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Also, note that these services can also help remove personalized items like family pictures in the background. This can help create a clean slate for buyers to project their creative ideas.

Blatantly Altered Images

One of the most important things to avoid, though, is blatantly altering images so that they look stretched or artificially changed. While cleaning up a few pictures can bring out the beauty of a home, fully transforming how an image looks can make a buyer skeptical of the real-life property. For this reason, edits must be natural and tasteful. They should portray the home as accurately as possible. To ensure you get the best quality photos, consider reaching out to a professional real estate photo editing company for help.

The more effort you put into your home listings, the greater the return for both you and your sellers. At Phixer, we aim to simplify this process even more with our premium real estate photo editing services. From improving the lighting balance of a shot to virtual staging to twilight photo editing, our talented professionals can do it all. Contact us today to learn more about how we can get you the clear, vibrant, and beautiful images you need.

9 Home Listing Red Flags That Will Send Buyers Running

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