Real Estate Photography Must-Have Shot List

Real Estate Photography Must-Have Shot List
Real Estate Photography

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Jun 15, 2020

The use of compelling visuals in real estate marketing matters as it plays paramount importance to a property’s viability in the market.

As a photographer, you must know that there is no room for useless photos and that the clients always expect quality images from you. You want to make sure that the photos are high-quality and have the right quantity.


The Real Estate Photos Shot List

Most real estate photographers know that there must be enough images in a listing to give potential buyers a precise impression of the property.

The standard shot list for an average home typically includes at least 25 images. This number is enough to cover all the necessary parts of a home, such as the front and back exteriors, family room and kitchen, bedrooms, and bathrooms.

The 25 images are usually enough to use for multiple listing services or MLS, but clients or realtors can demand more if they are listing properties on other sites.

In general, the 25 images can have the following breakdown:

Allocate three (3) front exterior shots, including one head-on, angle, and a closeup shot to show the details. Then, another three (3) for the exterior back photos with a closeup and two shots from varied angles.

The family room can have at least five (5) shots. This number is enough to showcase this part of the house. Focus on another five (5) shoots for the kitchen area, which is another vital part of the house. Remember to always take shots from different angles.

For the dining area, one full shot is already good to show its connection to the central kitchen. After, allocate two (2) shots each for the bedroom and bathroom. Then, another two to three (2-3) for the guest bedrooms, and lastly, one photo for the guest bathroom.

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Your shot list also depends on the size of the home. If you are shooting for a smaller house, taking multiple images of a specific room, for example, can be boring and is not recommended. Thus, you may need to reduce the number of photos to capture by discussing it with your client.

For bigger ones, it must not be difficult to secure the needed images since there are other rooms to feature in the photos such as the media and game rooms, and subdivision amenities.

Moreover, there should be a varied shot list when shooting images for the exterior and interior of the house. The approach may differ from one photographer to another, so it is crucial to have your strategy.


Exterior Shot List Pointers

The secret of getting marvelous exterior shots of a real estate property relies on the basic idea of doing it at the right time of the day – when the sun rays lead in front of the house. Otherwise, it will be hard to get the best visuals, and you will eventually need the help of real estate photo editors to beautify your shots.

For your shot list, take images showing the home’s exterior from a nice angle and best light. Most of the time, having shots of the frontside and backside is beneficial and preferred as they highlight the property’s unique style.

Besides focusing on the frontside’s details, try to emphasize the backside’s prominent structures such as the patio or porch.


Interior Shot List Pointers

For the interior shots, the vital thing to remember is to focus on individual rooms that require more shots. Most of the time, these are the main rooms of the house.

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However, if you think the property is not big enough to secure all the needed photos, then try to stretch the numbers by looking for other parts of the house that can be featured in the listing, such as the garage or backyard.

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