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Utilizing designer brands curated by world-class interior designers, our hyper-realistic virtual staging services have the power to transform any home into an unforgettable real estate listing. Whether your space is vacant, cluttered, or simply in need of modern furnishings, you can use our virtual home staging services for any situation. Contact our sales team to get started today.

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Not all virtual home staging is created equally

Many virtual house staging companies utilize outdated furniture, low quality 3D models and low quality renders. At Phixer we start our process by having interior designers and architects design style each and every space utilizing brand names such as Herman Miller, Charles and Ray Eames and Bauhaus designs. Our virtual furniture designs are modern, sophisticated and every detail is handled with meticulous care.

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Staged homes sell for more

Sell Properties Faster

Sell your home up to 30X faster. A recent study from NAR found that homes which are staged sell for 3-30 times faster than un-staged homes. Virtual staging for realtors is an essential tool for top performing agents.

A Fraction of the Cost of Traditional Staging

Virtual staging cost around 90% less than actual staging.

Stage it to suit

Select from our range of style options to stage your listing to suit the home

Any room ready to list with one click

Phixer software allows you to easily select the style of staging you want in a few clicks. You can remove unwanted clutter in any room and have marketing that home buyers fall in love with.

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virtual staging before
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Virtual home staging services delivered in just 24 hours

Real estate agents have a high demand business so every day they can save counts. Phixer delivers high quality virtual staging twice as fast as the competition so that you can list your property on time. With 24 hour delivery you can always get your virtually staged images the next business day and get your property on the real estate market for sale.

Furniture styles for any type of property

Our team of designers spent years curating award winning interiors. Our catalog features modern and contemporary designs that are perfect for any type of property listing. Our software allows you to browse hundreds of styles and room types from kitchens to media rooms.

Learn how Phixer makes virtually staged photos

Learn how Phixer makes virtually staged photos

Our professional editors work around the clock 24 hours, 7 days a week and will virtually stage your images in under 24 hours!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does virtual staging cost?
Virtual staging ranges in price and depends on the number of photos you wish to stage and if you need to declutter. Clients will spend anywhere from $25-$30 per photo which is a savings of over 90% compared with traditional staging.
How to do virtual staging?
Virtual staging is accomplished by utilizing powerful computer systems with software to create 3D furniture models in a 2D image. Phixer trains virtual stagers for over 1-year and it takes on average two hours to produce one virtually staged photo. Our 3D designers take a 2D photo and measure lines to create a 3D space for furniture placement. After our team creates a 3D space we then use programs like Autodesk and Maya to place 3D objects into the space. The next step is to create realistic lighting in the 3D space which will create highlights and shadows of all the furniture to make the image look realistic. When the artist has completed all of these steps we will render the 3D image to a 2D output with a high powered computer.
What is staging in real estate?
Staging in real estate is when an interior designer or stager removes the homeowner's current furniture and clutter. After the home is vacant the interior designer will then stage the home with furniture to make the space more appealing to buyers. The typical real estate staging ranges in price depending on location but generally costs between $3,000-$7,000 plus an additional fee for monthly rental. Virtual staging is a great option for many homeowners and realtors because the whole process can be accomplished digitally without disturbing the owner and virtual staging costs up to 95% less money.
Is virtual staging worth it?
Yes, Virtual staging allows you to present a property as it could be, which helps potential buyers emotionally connect to the property. Additionally, it costs just a fraction of what you’d spend on actual, physical staging. A recent study published by NAR reported that staged homes get up to five times more views online and sell up to three times faster than vacant homes. One huge benefit of virtual staging is that your property marketing can be ready sooner because it does not require any work from the homeowner. Part of the difficulty listing a home is having the homeowner prepare their house, with virtual staging you can use declutter to easily remove all of their belongings and replace it with modern designed rooms.
Can I do virtual staging myself?
There are some DIY virtual staging services online and many of these tools use the current Ai buzzwords to catch realtors attention. The problem with these Ai virtual staging services is that the quality of the furniture and designs are very poor and do not look realistic. Many times the renders they create have artifacts such as missing couch legs or cut off furniture. If you want your marketing to be effective the virtual staging needs to look 100% real and this can only be performed with advanced 3D programs such as Autodesk 3D max and a skilled artist.
What software do people use for virtual staging?
The primary software that 3D artists use for virtual staging is Autodesk 3D Max, Corona and VRay. These tools have been used for decades by professionals. To create animated movies and designs. It takes years of training and practice to master creating 3D models using textures and lighting. Each virtual staged room takes up to 2 hours to produce and another 3 hours to render. Our studio has high powered computers with the latest graphic processors so that our team can submit your order within 24-hours.
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