What’s the Difference: Virtual Tour vs. Video Tour

What’s the Difference: Virtual Tour vs. Video Tour

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May 16, 2023

Technology never ceases to amaze, particularly regarding modern-day real estate endeavors. The internet opens an endless world of possibilities for posting your property listings and maximizing the number of interested parties. But it doesn’t end there. With photographs and video, you can capture buyer interest like never before. However, how you use these tools can vary depending on your specific needs. Here, we’ll discuss the differences between virtual and video tours and how to pick one for your project.

Virtual Tours

To begin, virtual tours are a way to allow viewers to “walk” through a property at their own pace using their laptop or phone. They consist of several carefully captured images edited together to create seamless transitions between rooms, making them reminiscent of an in-person open house. Virtual tours are very immersive since they let the viewer choose where they want to go and make it possible to linger on specific areas that catch their eye. They’re also incredibly detailed, with 360-degree capabilities for maximum transparency and coverage. However, it’s important to note that creating these tours requires specialized equipment.

Video Tours

Video tours, on the other hand, use basic photography techniques to capture a person’s experience walking through the home. These pre-recorded videos offer a more passive way of viewing a home, and they don’t allow for much lingering on specific aspects of a property. Still, they’re great for giving viewers an idea of the overall atmosphere, telling a story, and showcasing key features they may want to investigate further.

The Best Option for Your Listing

Once you’re familiar with the main differences between virtual and video tours, it’s time to choose the right one for your needs. While creating both for a particular property is possible, costs may force you to only select one option. Due to their interactive nature and equipment requirements, virtual tours can be more expensive than videos. This fact alone makes videos a more accommodating choice for agents listing several properties at once. Virtual tours are better suited for more complex spaces that are harder to capture in traditional ways.

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Virtual tours and video tours are both worthwhile options for agents looking to take their listings to the next level. That’s why we at Phixer dedicate ourselves to giving you the edge you need with our real estate video editing services. With just a basic video file of your property, we can craft an enthralling video experience that any buyer would enjoy. This, combined with our virtual staging abilities, will ensure that your listing is nothing short of its best.

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