Top 7 Video Editing Software for Real Estate

Top 7 Video Editing Software for Real Estate

Jun 19, 2018

For an individual to become a good real estate agent, he needs to own excellent real estate software. Moreover, in order to become top sellers, agents really need the best real estate software available. Many of our realtors, real estate agents, and brokers usually avoid online marketing because of the time constraints, costs, and the belief that it is better to talk face-to-face to prospective clients.

In today’s generation, it is very tough to market real estate properties. In addition to depreciating values, tight advertising budget is another reason why some of these agents easily give up. Because of the advent of the Internet and the new waves of social media, real estate videos become popular. Studies claim that now is the perfect time to own real estate videos because people of today are just plugged in to their gadgets and surf the net.

There is really a valid reason to have a real estate video, either to be presented to prospective clients or upload it to a website or to the social media. These are the reasons why people engaged in selling real estate properties for self-realization. Real estate is generally a gamble on the part of the agents. It is a market that exists but the business is either boom or bust.

Because of the surging popularity of online climate, today is the perfect time for a videographer to establish his name online by making a video marketing for real estate niche. Real estate marketing may include video promotion or video advertising to gain audience not only with fellow agents but more importantly, gain the trust of big real estate companies.

Before making videos for promotional purposes, it is necessary to assess the area of local companies and have their representatives interviewed. During the interview process, better ask them about the things that are working for them to gain profit from different properties they sell. Because profit-gaining is always based on price, you may even suggest some ideas to make their strategies better.

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The best opportunity why a video for promotion and advertising is made is to gain audience. But there are instances where the videos made just discuss the experiences they have with such videos. Always get the ideas of what the realtors really wanted and find out the bad practices they made before so that you can pinpoint what these people wished for.

By focusing on the needs of these realtors, they will suggest what to share and what to shoot. An agent has no disposition to decide what components of the property are included in the real estate video. But as agent and videographer at the same time, you are the ones to determine the best angles and best views for your video.

In addition to this, it is your responsibility to provide for the materials needed like the tripod, monopod, stabilizer, and slider. Although the client is the boss of the transaction, you are still considered as the expert on the field. Your sole job is to make an enticing and captivating video to attract clients.

Top Seven Video Editing Software for Real Estate

Since you are the real estate agent and videographer at the same time, the equipment must all be simple as possible. All you need to have is a camcorder or a high-end smartphone, a tripod, and the lighting needs. It is also important to have a microphone for editing requirements in handling the audio part of the video.

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TL;DR: Below is a list of seven of the top video editing real estate software for video production:

1. Contactually


Contactually is a Customer Relation Management (CRM) type of video editing real estate software.This software is a rare breed of CRM for realtors which does not only manages your contacts and leads but more importantly helps you in your relationship with your clients. It creates automated reminders to your clients as well as advanced automation management for proper follow-up.

2. Matterport


Matterport is real estate software intended to make those 3D designs as clear as possible. Many clients are fond of seeing and touring using 3D videos in the particular area you are dealing with them. Instead of physically visiting the property for sale, walking through in that property is simply with the use of Matterport. This is one way of making and dealing a lucrative business that is very hard to slip by the hands.

3. Zillow Premier Agent (Lead Generation)

It is a very powerful software and is listed as the largest real estate website in the US. Zillow Premier Agent is sale listings software that a free user can submit new rental to Zillow itself. When your listings are uploaded to Zillow, your contact information will then be placed in the upper right corner of the listings page.

On the other hand, if you are a Zillow Premier Agent, your contact information will be shown exclusively on your listings. In this way, you are gin a greater chance of receiving inquiry from a buyer.

4. Placester (Website Builder)

The main job of this software is to generate and nurture leads. It provides a website solution with IDX integration and built-in CRM including email campaigns.

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5. CityBlast (Social Media Nurturing)

It is widely known that social media enables anybody to get in touch with anyone. But sharing the content with thousands of people is not the only advantage you can get from them. Businesses worldwide have recognized the potential of advertising in the Internet and many had found out some details on how to be successful and make your business profitable.

When using CityBlast, it automatically find and post local housing market and target real estate content to your different social media accounts using a schedule that best suits you.

6. DocuSign (ElectronicsSignature/ Transaction Management)

DocuSign is the most popular real estate software when it comes to electronic signature. It offers the best in-class management for realtors to get their documents signed and deals materialize. With the use of DocuSign, agents can keep track of all the documents for a transaction. Brokers can even set up an approval processes of any transaction.

7. Showing Suite (Showing Software)

This software lets you integrate and automate schedules, buyer and agent feedback, pictures, notes and even videos that you want to store in your listing.

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