The Pros and Cons of Home and Virtual Staging

The Pros and Cons of Home and Virtual Staging
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Aug 3, 2020

Back then, when virtual staging is not yet discovered, realtors only have one option to get quality images for their listings – through home staging.

Years later, realtors have found a new way to showcase a property’s amenities, with the discovery of virtual staging. Since then, it has become a useful tool for them.

Here are some of the known pros and cons to evaluate if a home or virtual staging is the best option.

Home Staging: Pros

Open House

If you are still into the traditional way of doing the business, an open house is still the best choice. Here, you incorporate the home staging concept by hiring a home staging company to decorate the empty rooms. You can showcase the entire property to the buyers and let them feel what it would be like to live there.

Home Staging: Cons

Too Expensive

Realtors cannot deny the fact that home staging is way too expensive. It is because staging companies usually charge not only one time. In some cases, a monthly fee is needed to maintain the furniture placed in a property until you sell the place.

Time Consuming

Home staging also consumes your time during sourcing the furniture and decorations. At times, you also need to be present in the place once the set-up date is scheduled.

Virtual Staging: Pros


Virtual staging is way cheaper than the traditional home staging method. It is because it does not need any real furniture or decorations. Therefore, logistics and workforce are no longer required. Moreover, it can be done using software or the professional real estate image retouching service of a real estate photo editing company.

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Marketplace Advantage

The technique also gives you an edge on the target market since it yields high-end and compelling visuals that attract potential buyers. It lets you highlight the property’s amenities and main features, not with empty photos but with fully furnished room images.

Detailed and Attractive Images

The process also lets realtors have more detailed listings than before. The images help the buyers in making informed decisions. The secret is seeking help from trusted real estate photo editors working at a reputable real estate photo editing company to further improve the virtually-staged photos.


If before you need to source all the furniture for home staging, now, a catalog will do all the work. Virtual stagers already have catalogs ready to check the type of furniture and decorations you want to use in the empty room.

Shorter Turnaround Time

Traditional home staging takes days to be completed, while virtual staging can be done in hours.

Virtual Staging: Cons

You Do Everything

Unless you opt to get a virtual staging company’s service, you need to do all the tasks yourself – from taking the photos to editing it through a staging app or software.

Expect Multiple Revisions

Clients tend to demand specific modifications on some images. That should be part of your expectations. At times, you will find yourself doing more work, especially if there is no support team to help you. That is why the help of a real estate photo editing company is crucial at this time. With a team of expert real estate photo editors, you should not be worried about your clients’ revisions.

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As the realtor, it is still your sole discretion to choose your properties’ perfect staging method. It will be easier for you to use the mentioned pros and cons to help you make the right decision. Carefully evaluate your choice on the business and consider the ‘new normal‘ due to the current global situation brought by the coronavirus pandemic.

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