13 Reasons Why You Should Make Real Estate Video Marketing

13 Reasons Why You Should Make Real Estate Video Marketing
Real Estate Videography

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Apr 13, 2019

Real Estate Video Marketing is important in the industry to attract more attention and capture the customers’ heart. Not only these, it also helps the customers with something they need rather than merely promoting the business.

Due to the advent of technologies, the world of business in different industries like Real Estate swiftly transacts from one operation to another. This is why it is a must to take advantage of the use of technology. Promoting the product through a video could boost customer interest and could give life to the industry itself.

Some of the things needed to create an exciting and wonderful Real Estate Video are listed below.

1. A smartphone camera, DSLR, tripod, slider, or even a drone can be used to create a simple yet interesting video.

2. Don’t get tempted in using a wide-angle lens to make a room wider or bigger. Instead, stick to whatever is available.

3. Before recording, roam around the area where you will shoot. Clear the area and remove whatever things that will not look good on camera. This might include removing objects that ruin the place, arranging furniture properly, closing toilet seats, organizing the beddings, and putting aside unnecessary objects that will distract the viewer’s attention.

4. The shots must be well-planned. Important places of the building must have more than 3 shots to achieve great angles of the structures that will give a detailed picture to the viewers. Do not overshoot. If the quality of the shot or the clip bothers the output, then delete it right away and start over until the desired result is achieved.

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5. When shooting the video, be sure to make motion in a still environment using slides and glides. Position the slider outside a doorway to focus or enter a room. Move the camera front and back to create glides that will bring the viewers into the scene. This will require a second tripod head.

6. If a slider is not available, just simply tilt the camera slowly to create a moving motion for a static shot.

7. Bear in mind that focusing into the scene is important. Keep your camera settings appropriately. Balance the effects by setting the ISO correctly as well as the shutter speed.

8. Lastly, edit the clips into a final footage that provides the viewers as if they were walking inside the house without actually doing so.

9. Choose appropriate slides that are appealing. Add more life to the footage by adding a background music.

Using Real Estate Video Marketing can boost a number of buyers that would really feel as if they were walking inside the property.

Here are the factors, benefits, or reasons why it is a must.

1. People Favors Watching Moving Images. Still images could be attractive but moving images are more fascinating. It even becomes livelier with the integration of music that fits to the slides.

2. Video Marketing is Budget-friendly. Any gadget with camera can be used to create a magnificent video for your product. A smartphone comes in handy in producing a simple yet enthralling video.

3. Viewers will feel like they know about you. External beauty counts but internal goodness or personality makes a person more attractive. While creating the video, people, especially prospective clients, will get to know some sides of the seller. Communicating with them through a great character markets the product.

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4. Reality is shown. Using a video in marketing real estate product, the real features of the place is discerned as if the viewers are inside.

5. Wide range of prospects is reached. Through a video marketing, the product being sold will be easily advertised especially when it is uploaded in the internet. The likes of Google and YouTube are primary tools where buyers could search for their desired real estate property products.

6. Information are detailed. All information about the product can be given in a short span of time through the footage. This includes important information that might be asked like the room size, furniture, appliances, and so on.

7. Call-To-Action can be embedded in the video. Customers can transact directly to the seller without redirecting them into series of pages before they can finally see for their queries about the product.

8. Worth is proved. To convince buyers, one must establish trust. The character of the seller and the product that is being sold can be both perceived through an effective video marketing.

9. Establish emotions. Setting the tone or atmosphere in the transaction can be portrayed in the video footage. The video can be entertaining and can stir different emotions.

10. Saves time. The video can save much of your time because it can be played over and over again and can reach millions of viewer even if you are asleep.

11. Creates distinction. Its value is better than electronic mails. This establishes brand of the product.

12. Uplifts competition. The footage can show how serious you are in marketing your product by showing its quality.

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13. Social evidence. It displays one’s worth in the industry. Knowledge and skills are shown in the video.

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