Phixer’s Team Building Adventure: Kawasan Canyoneering Like a Boss

Phixer’s Team Building Adventure: Kawasan Canyoneering Like a Boss
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Nov 27, 2017

Cebu is not only an island with long stretches of beach and clear water, but there is also an adventure waiting for you around every corner. Canyoneering in Kawasan is something that every adventurous soul should try at least once.

This can also be an exciting activity that strengthens team bonds while making sure that each team member goes beyond the edge and tries something new.

Kawasan Canyoneering

To take the trip, you need to travel around three hours from the city to get to Badian, a town in the southern part of Cebu. Upon arriving, you will need to leave your stuff at your tour guide’s post.

After you’ve secured your stuff, you will have to wear a life vest and a helmet as safety precautions during the entire trip. You also need to wear shoes for safety reasons. A motorcycle will take you uphill to the starting point. From there, you will do a little trek to get to the canyon and start the fun.

A little bravery will go a long way once you’ve tried canyoneering. You don’t have to know how to swim in order to enjoy. This is what the life vest and the helmet are for. If you’re scared to jump, just don’t think and do it. Trust that your life vest will keep you afloat.

The Activities

Jumping off the cliff is the highlight of the entire trip. There are three points from where you could jump. The first one is around 20 feet high and is required. There are other two jump points that are optional. One is shorter while the other one is the highest point. Depending on how courageous you are, you can go jump from all three.

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Aside from jumping off the canyon, there are other activities that you can do during this trip. There will be a lot of hiking, rock scrambling, water sliding, rappelling, and swimming. The activities are fun and adventurous and perfect for the entire team. This creates a full day of exploration. The entire activity will last around six hours. After everything’s done, you can go freshen up at your starting point and change your clothes.

The entire Phixer team pretty much had a long day at Badian. However, everyone had a blast. Every sweat and step is worth the adventure and fun that awaits. Going on a canyoneering adventure with the team definitely helps in bringing everyone closer creating a tight-knit family.

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