How to Boost Property Sales With Edited Real Estate Photographs

How to Boost Property Sales With Edited Real Estate Photographs

Jan 30, 2024

Visual appeal never goes out of style, especially in the real estate industry. Photos can highlight the best amenities of your home and will allow you to negotiate with buyers so you can score better deals. However, merely posting any random picture of your home won’t cut it.

“How can I increase property sales?” is one of the most frequently asked questions by real estate agents. The simple answer lies in producing high-quality real estate photos. Aside from investing in companies that provide high-definition editing services, like Phixer, you can also boost your property sales when you learn how to edit real estate photos.

Edited real estate photos can be your key to boost property sales and gain the most profits from your home when done correctly.


TL;DR: Here are some of the ways to edit real estate photos to boost property sales to help you get started:

Adjust Light

The clarity and lighting can immensely affect your ability to show off your home. Even if your living room has state-of-the-art technology, you can’t expect your photos to boost your sales if the image is too dark. If you want to know how you can attract real estate sales, start by adjusting the lighting in your photos.

Aside from lighting up the entire room when taking photos, use editing software to lighten up specific dark areas. Editing software, like Lightroom and Photoshop, can come in handy, especially when you’re shooting without any natural light. Only use vibrantly-lit photos as a marketing strategy for advertising the property, as these will attract viewers to look deeper into the objects in the image.

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Contrast Color Hues

Another answer to the question of “how can I increase property sales?” is to contrast color hues in your photos. Colors help you communicate with potential buyers and encourage them to draw more attention to the subject of your image. Potential buyers often look for neutral colors when checking real estate photos, especially when looking at the interiors. To contrast color hues successfully, aim to create a cozy feel by using warm tones when editing your photos.

Sharpen Details

You can also boost property sales by sharpening specific details on your real estate photos. More often than not, you’ll have particular amenities in your room that you want to use as a marketing strategy for advertising the property.

You can sharpen details on your real estate photographs by using the sharpen filter of Photoshop or blurring other information around the focal point. You’ll have several options to choose from, but make sure not to go overboard to avoid making your photos look hazy and uninviting.

Remove Clutter

First impressions do last, and seeing clutter in your photo is enough to turn off any homebuyer. Clutter can make your home look small and cramped in photos, and these don’t appeal to any homebuyer. Using clutter-free images should always be part of your real estate marketing plan for sellers!

If you want to remove clutter from your real estate photographs, use the Clone Stamp tool from Photoshop that enables you to paint one part of an image to conceal unwanted objects or details in the photos.

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Sky Replacement

Since the exteriors of a home significantly affect its curb appeal, it’s also essential to make sure photos taken from the outside look good. You’ll have difficulty convincing homebuyers to invest in your property if your exteriors look dull and old.

Making use of sky replacement editing techniques is an excellent way on how you can attract real estate sales. With this feature, you can make the sky come alive in your photos as if you took them during bright and sunny days.

Photo Manipulation

Does your grass have varying shades of green? Are you worried that potential homebuyers will notice your dull-looking den in photos? Regardless of how your home looks, photo manipulation is a great tool to enhance the colors or add details to your photos. With this feature, you can use one shade of green to your grass, so your lawn looks more polished or adds some nice flames in your den.

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