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  • What is Phixer?

    Phixer is a software platform that allows Real Estate Photographers access to affordable, efficient editors who use innovative techniques and software to process photography, videography, and advanced motion graphics.

  • How does Phixer Work?

    Phixer employs a team of over 200 top notch editors who are experienced in real estate image post production. We will process your images and a Seattle based support team is ready to help you with any issues that arise.

  • Why Use Phixer?

    In one word. Control.

    Control Your Time: We are experts in the field of Photography Business Administration and Media Editing. At Phixer we are committed to helping you grow a healthy business by saving you time and letting you focus on your art. We have processed hundreds of thousands of projects and we will deliver consistently top notch work on time.

    Control Your Money: We offer transparent pricing and programs that work for every stage of your business growth.

    Control Your Workflow: Phixer comes prepared with all the right tools. Our Media Uploader Tool is a multi-part resumable file upload with internet failure protection built in. This makes uploading your raw media simple. Team Talk Commenting allows you to quickly communicate with your editors and our Seattle, WA based support is always here to help.

  • What makes Phixer better?

    We have over 10+ years experience running a real estate photography company which exceeds $5 Million in annual revenues. Our company has faced a ton of obstacles scaling our business and created solutions to overcome them. We now want to help other companies grow their business.

  • How much does Phixer cost?

    You can get started with a trial account for $9.99 and you can process photos for a little as $1 dollar per image. Phixer offers pay as you go options that can be used with either basic, standard or advanced editing techniques that have been tested over 10 years and thousands of projects.

  • How do clients get started with Phixer?

    Simply go to https://www.phixer.net/me/signup and request a consultation. One of our experts will get in contact with you to help you get started.

  • Can you Match my Style?

    Yes, we can! For our partner clients who are currently enrolled in a subscription plan, we will dedicate a team to learn and match your style.

    If you are subscribed in a partner plan send our team a request to support@phixer.io and we will send you a form to capture your unique style sync.

  • Do you charge credits per RAW file?

    No! We only charge per completed photo. For example, if you upload seven exposures of the same composition this will only be counted and charged as one photo.

  • How do I request changes to my photos?

    Our team talk commenting system allows you to request changes to your photos in seconds. You can communicate to your editing team directly and save the time and frustration of using email.

  • Can you deliver custom photo sizes?

    Yes! After you log in to your Phixer account you can select “Editing Settings” and input two custom outputs to be used on all of your projects.

    By Default, Phixer will deliver your photos in High-resolution uncompressed jpeg.

    For an Additional fee, you can also choose to have your files delivered in Hi-Quality TiFF format.

  • How does a trial account work?

    A Phixer trial account costs $9.99 and offer 10 Projects before trial period ended. During this phase you can upload up to 5 photos per project to be edited by our team. This allows you to become familiar with the system and editing styles before going live with your projects. Once the trial phase over you will need to buy credits to continue working with Phixer.

  • How do Phixer credits work?

    Simply buy credits and use them as you please. The more credits you buy at once the better the deal.

  • What if I need changes to my completed photos?

    Basic revisions to the photo gallery are free for the first 5 days after your gallery is delivered and can be easily ordered via your gallery. We take pride in the speed in which we respond to revision requests and can usually complete your request within 30 minutes.

  • Do you limit the size of the files that I can upload?

    We do not have any limit to the file size for your raw images but we will charge a credit premium for excessively large uploads.

  • Do you give guidance on the best shooting techniques to use with your editing team?

    Yes, Phixer has tutorials on everything from how to shoot bathrooms to how to setup your camera and they are all available at our Youtube Channel

  • What are Phixer Styles?

    Phixer styles are editing procedures we have perfected with over 10 years of running our own photography business. The great part about using our styles is that you can get started on our system right away and have excellent quality photos.

    We have three predefined editing styles depending on the level of editing you need.

    See the chart below to understand what is included in each style.

  • How Does Style Sync Work?

    1. We will send you a Questionnaire form so that our team can get examples of your work along with a detailed description of your editing procedure.

    2. Within 24 hours we will price your style and send you a quote with the credit per photo cost of your unique style.

    iii. We will then assign a dedicated team to your projects so that over time the team will become experts in your style.

    iv. On average it takes about 30 days for your team to become experts at your style and the look should be consistent within 1 week.

  • What is your turnaround time?

    Our standard turnaround time is 24 hours and the clock starts after your photos are completely uploaded to our system.

    We provide rush options which are 18 hours and 12 hours for an additional charge.

  • Do you offer Additional Services such as lawn replace, object removal?

    Yes! We offer a wide range of additional photo-editing products that are a great value.

    Here are some examples:

    Major object removal 5 credits
    Minor object removal: 3 credits
    Major object manipulation: 5 credits
    Minor object manipulation: 3 credits
    Lawn Replacement: 4 credits
    Virtual Twilight: 4 credits

  • What is a Pay as you go plan?

    A pay as you go plan allows you to buy small packs of credits which do not expire. This is a great option for trying full projects on our system and if you are just getting started.

  • What are partner plans?

    Partner plans offer volume discount pricing and require a monthly subscription. We recommend starting on a lower monthly package so that you can utilize all of your credits.

  • What if I run out of credits on my plan?

    If you run out of credits on your monthly plan you can use top up credits and these can be purchased at the same rate as your package.

  • What if I don't use all of my credits?

    We understand that you may not be able to 100% accurately forecast your photo editing needs each month. We will roll over up to 20% of your monthly package to next months plan. Credits will only be rolled over to the next billing cycle and will be depleted after that period.

  • Does your team pick the best photos to edit, sort or collate photos?

    No! We edit all photos you upload, so you will need to sort prior to uploading.