Why You Should Hire These Top 17 Real Estate Photographers

Why You Should Hire These Top 17 Real Estate Photographers
Real Estate Photographers

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Jan 29, 2018

If you have an expensive property that you want to sell, then it’s not enough that you take your own photos for listings. Only 10% of the total property listings have photos that are taken by professional real estate photographers. You need your listings to stand out. Being competitive is essential in order to stay ahead in the real estate industry. Making sure that you have great quality photos for listings is a representation of your professionalism and also of the quality of the property that you are selling.

If you are in need of real estate photography services, you might want to look into the top real estate photographers in the country.

These photographers are the best in their field and are among the most-sought-after photographers in real estate (random order).

Photographer: Scott Basile
Website: http://www.basilephoto.com/


Scott Basile is a commercial photographer based in San Diego who specializes in interiors and architecture. Scott understands the power of incredible imagery to help market luxury properties. “I am extremely grateful to to be able to do this for a living. I work closely with some very talented people and get the opportunity to work in some stunning spaces. Exceeding my clients expectations is always the goal.”


Photographer: Michael Kelley
Website: http://www.mpkelley.com/


Michael Kelley is considered one of the best real estate photographers in the world. He specializes in aerial, interiors, commercial spaces, and architecture. Mike is based in Los Angeles but photographs various properties around the world. He uses both artificial and natural light to shoot outdoor and indoor spaces while carefully crafting his images.


Photographer: Brandon Beechler
Website: http://brandonbeechler.com/

Brandon Beechler is a freelance photographer based in Orange County. He specializes in architectural photography and in interiors. Brandon first started his career as a real estate professional which led him to become one of the best real estate photographers. His photos are crisp and clean, which utilize traditional lighting and modern retouching.

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Photographer: Richard Caplan
Website: http://www.richcaplan.com/


Richard Caplan is a professional photographer based in New York. He specializes in luxury architectural and interior photos. He is one of the most sough-after real estate photographers in the country. Richard captures amazing real estate photos that sell the property real fast.


Photographer: Harry Lim
Website: http://harrylimphotography.com

 Harry Lim

Harry Lim is a professional photographer based in Orlando, Florida and servicing central Florida. He specializes in vacation homes, interiors, and real estate. He believes in the importance of professional photos for listings and selling properties fast. Through his photography, he aims to convey the warmth of every home and represent every bit with accuracy.


Photographer: Jaime Martorano
Website: http://www.jaimemartorano.com/

Jaime Martorano

Jaime Martorano is a professional photographer and retoucher based in Westchester County, New York. He has a long experience in photography with interests in visual art, film, video, design, graphics, and marketing. He specialized in real estate, commercial, and hospitality photography.


Photographer: Iran Watson
Website: http://iranwatsonphoto.com/

Iran Watson is a professional photographer from Marietta, Georgia and has been servicing the southeast US market since 2010. He was awarded as Photographer of the Year in 2012 by RealEstate.net. Iran visual style is storytelling. He captures images that tell the specific story of the home.


Photographer: Chris Meyer
Website: https://chrismeyerphotography.com/

Chris is a professional photographer who specializes in commercial and residential real estate photography. He provides high-quality images for real estate professionals, commercial property owners, and interior designers in the Sierra Mountain Communities and in Central California. Chris believes that high-quality photos can help any property stand out and encourage buyers to make the move.

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Photographer: Jason Hulet
Website: https://www.traverse-city-real-estate-photography.com/


Jason Hulet started real estate photography in 2003. He is based in Traverse City, Michigan and specialized in integrating cinematography into real estate photography. He strives to create images that help portray designed spaces, talents, and services of different clients.


Photographer: Cameron Nielson
Website: http://www.cameronrneilson.com/

Cameron R Neilson is an architecture and interiors photographer

Cameron Nielson is one of the celebrated architectural photographers in the world. He is based in New York and specializes in interiors and architectural fine art photography. He started his career in photography early on as he grew up watching his father make prints in their home dark room. Cameron is known for his compelling and clean photographs that are all carefully lighted.


Photographer: Aubrey Antis
Website: https://www.antisphotography.com/


Aubrey Antis is a professional photographer based in Southern California servicing all of Southern California areas, such as Orange County, Inland Empire, and Los Angeles. She grew up watching the real estate boom and realized this is where she wanted to be involved in. Aubrey knows that professional real estate photography can make a difference in selling properties. She knows how to highlight features of every property to create amazing photos.


Photographer: Alex Tajarano
Website: http://www.alextphoto.com/

Alex Tajarano is a professional photographer that specializes in commercial, architectural, and real estate photography. He is based in Miami, Florida. Alex delivers professional photographs and believes that these are essential in making a good impression on a buyer. He also does aerial photography and property tours for real estate professionals.


Photographer: Bree Hunter
Website: http://www.breehunterphotography.com/

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Bree Hunter is an architectural and real estate photographer based in California providing services to all of the Inland Empire. She provides real estate images to real estate professionals. Bree offers quick and fast services without sacrificing the quality of the images. She creates eye-catching interiors and exteriors that focuses on the interesting details of the property.


Photographer: Josh Pabst
Website: http://www.joshpabstphoto.com/


Josh Pabst is an architect who specializes in architectural and real estate photography. He is based in Chicago and is providing services to the Chicago and Indianapolis area. Josh started photography at a young age but founded his photography company when the architectural industry took a turn. His style focuses on the architectural design process and its cultural context.


Photographer: Patrick Bertolino
Website: https://patrickbertolino.com/

Patrick Bertolino is a real estate photographer based in Houston, Texas. He is a certified drone pilot and has over 20 years of experience in commercial photography. Patrick specializes in commercial and architectural photography.


Photographer: Eddy Joaquim
Website: https://www.f-stopped.com

Eddy Joaquim is an architectural photographer based in San Francisco Bay Area. He is an architect by profession and has extensive experience in Portugal. His works focus on the details of the properties. Eddy has a keen eye and creates beautiful masterpieces with his photography.


Photographer: Joe Alfano
Website: https://www.joealfanophotography.com/

joe real estate photographer

By Joe

Joe Alfano is a real estate photographer based in South Jersey, Philadelphia. He is a former real estate agent who knows what potential buyers are looking for in a home. Joe knows the importance of putting the best photos forward.

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