5 Hottest Neighborhoods in the Seattle

5 Hottest Neighborhoods in the Seattle
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Sep 27, 2017

Hottest Neighborhoods in Seattle


Video is now a necessary piece of the real estate listing puzzle. Video gives potential home buyers a much richer online experience than pictures alone. The movement created by video brings properties to life, giving viewers an emotional connection to the home itself. Adding video to your property websites sells more real estate by inviting more interest, more attraction, and more leads. Digging deeper we find that the number one reason buyers view a video of their listing is to find out more about a specific community. Having great video of the neighborhoods that surround you can be an invaluable tool for presenting the best final product possible for your realtors to help sell their properties. These videos can also be used again and again to add great b roll to any future projects you have in that neighborhood making them a very cost-effective product to add to your offerings. In light of this, we decided to feature the 5 hottest neighborhoods in the Seattle Metro market for 2017. Check out these amazing communities and you will understand why Seattle is one of the hottest real estate markets in America.


Known as one of the hottest going-out hubs in town and respected as one of the hippest areas in all of Seattle. Ballard has a very unique personality. Because of its wide variety of residents, you will cross paths with folks going out for happy hour in the evening, the going to the market crowd in the morning, trendy people looking to shop or visit a salon, and club hoppers late at night.

Capitol Hill

A colorful and urban community where many streets buzz with activity and others are tree-lined and calm. Capitol Hill is funky and fast-paced, with an endless number of cool blocks to explore. Just east of downtown, this is the city’s LGBTQ hub, but visitors and locals of all sorts flock to Capitol Hill. Daytime markets, boutiques, and salons are a big draw and the nightlife is hopping with clubs, bars, and music venues. You’ll also often find coffee shops that moonlight as cocktail lounges. Individuality and fashion statements abound, and residents and visitors mix and mingle via the plethora of block parties and community forums to this neighborhood has to offer.


Resting on a peninsula, the Magnolia neighborhood has a secluded feel. From the outside, you might think there isn’t much more there than houses and a marina. The truth is that the area around McGraw Street and 34th Avenue W is a little pocket of activity that rivals the best of Fremont or Greenlake. With a bustling farmer’s market, a yearly SummerFest celebration, free nature walks at Discovery Park, and lots of spur-of-the-moment community outreach events popping up there is always something fun to do. One of the hidden gems is Fisherman’s Terminal, located right on Salmon Bay near the 15th Street Bridge. Although it’s not a tourist attraction like Pike Place Market, it may just be a better way to experience the local fishing culture.

Madison Park

A community lying on the shores of Lake Washington, Madison Park is a popular living destination for those who want an in-city retreat. Close to Downtown and only minutes to the University of Washington, this neighborhood is home to a vibrant commercial district and one-of-a-kind real estate. Madison Park and is ideal for those who want the best of both worlds. The Duwamish tribe native to the area once used this area as their summer hunting and recreation area, with piers and a promenade, a boathouse, live entertainment, a charming business district and the still-popular Madison Park beach it still serves that purpose today.

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