Phixer’s Team Building Adventure: Cebu’s Top Three Islands

Phixer’s Team Building Adventure: Cebu’s Top Three Islands
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Nov 2, 2017

The Philippines, being an archipelago, has so many islands to visit and to explore. Cebu is one of the major islands in the Visayas and is dubbed as the gateway to the south. Cebu alone is composed of different islands. What do you get with this? Endless beach and tons of fun under the sun.

Island Hopping in Cebu

There are many small islands that you can visit and check out in Cebu. Going on an island hopping tour is one of the top things that tourists and even locals should do to unwind and relax.

With a small boat, you can tour and visit different islands off the coast of Mactan. The top three islands to visit are Olango Island, Nalusuan Island, and Caohagan Island. Phixer’s team picked out these three islands.

Olango Island has a bird sanctuary that’s worth checking out. Although the island doesn’t have white sand beaches, it makes up for the rich resources. You can go kayaking or check out the bird sanctuary.Nalusuan is a protected marine sanctuary. The island is filled with marine life and you don’t have to go deep down the water just to see the fishes. It’s truly a wonderful place to appreciate marine life. Lastly, Caohagan is another marine sanctuary with crystal clear waters and teeming with marine life. It’s perfect for snorkeling and swimming when the water is just right.

Activities when Island Hopping

On an island hopping tour, you’d never want your day to end. There are tons of activities that you can do, especially when you’re out there building stronger bonds with your team and co-workers.

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• Karaoke on the boat. Singing is an all-time favorite Filipino pastime. Karaoke on the boat is probably the best thing that you can do while boating. Being in the middle of the sea while singing your favorite tunes is nothing short of fun and relaxing. You can make it a friendly competition among friends on who gets the highest score.

• Snorkeling. The islands in Cebu boasts of amazing marine life. You cannot go boating in Cebu without snorkeling and checking out the life underwater, especially when you’re going to these marine sanctuaries.

• Lunch on the boat. Imagine having the simplest food yet having the best time on the boat. Sharing good food with the best people is always a great idea. Even the simplest food can become a feast when you’re in the company of friends.

• Swimming. You cannot go boating without going for a swim. The seas in Cebu are clean and clear so it’s perfect for dipping. The boat can stay out in the sea while the rest of the team goes swimming.

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