Top 11 Amazing Real Estate Photographers to Follow

Top 11 Amazing Real Estate Photographers to Follow
Real Estate Photographers

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Mar 28, 2020

In this era wherein Internet has made almost everything accessible and essentially marketable to most of us, social media platforms have become a staple of marketing for real estate agents. Based on a study conducted by the National Association of Realtors, most real estate agents’ top picks among the existing social networking sites are Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

Given that Instagram is recently booming with real estate businesses, you might find it worthwhile to also market your listings here, having created or wanting to set up your own profile on the platform. Whether you are new to the vibrant world of Instagram or you have already spent plenty of your time every day scrolling through your Instagram feed, following these 11 amazing real estate photographers will certainly enhance your Instagram-for-real-estate experience.

In random order:

1. @rich_caplan_photography

  • Website:
    Richard Caplan is a New York-based professional photographer. His account presents an aesthetically curated feed that features luxury architecture and interior photos, which has led him to gain a massive following. He is one of the most sought-after real estate photographers in the United States because of his ability to capture stellar real estate photos that sell the property fast.

2. @basilephoto

  • Website:
    This account is handled by Scott Basile, a residential and commercial real estate photographer based in San Diego. He specializes in shooting photographs ranging from luxury real estate and commercial projects to simple houses in the suburbs. His work has been published in The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Dream Homes Magazine, San Diego Magazine.

3. @brandonbeechler

  • Website:
    Brandon Beechler is an Orange County-based photographer specializing in interior and architectural photography. He first started his career as a real estate professional which made him appreciate the power of real estate photography in marketing a home, eventually leading him to become one of the best real estate photographers with his edge of capturing crisp and clean photos that utilize traditional lighting and modern retouching.


  • Website:
    This Instagram account is handled by Bree Hunter, an architectural and real estate photographer based in Southern California. She provides real estate photography services with a quick turnaround to real estate professionals, while ensuring that the images are of high quality. Her works which include eye-catching interiors and exteriors that highlights the interesting details of a property are featured in this account.

5. @harrylimphoto

  • Website:
    Harry Lim is a professional photographer who specializes in vacation homes, interiors, and real estate. His work is based in Orlando, Florida to basically cover the area of Central Florida. He focuses on shooting professional photos for listings to accurately present its space, color and light which he believes is crucial in selling properties fast. Through his work, he aims to convey the warmth of every home while representing every detail with accuracy.

6. @huletphotography

  • Website:
    This account features curated images by Jason Hulet, one of the best and most experienced real estate photographer in the United States who began shooting real estate photos in 2003. He is based in Traverse City, Michigan and he specializes in integrating cinematography into real estate photography. His work has been published in Traverse The Magazine, Baylife North Magazine, MI Blue, and Manistee Co. Visitor’s Guide 2014.

7. @jkissock

  • Website:
    This is handled by Jonathan Kissock, an architectural and commercial photographer based in Adelaide, Australia. He specializes in shooting luxury real estate, accommodation, resorts and hotels. The number of homes that he has photographed during his 16 years of experience as a real estate photographer is estimated to be approximately 14,000 homes.

8. @thehoustonguy

  • Website:
    Patrick Bertolino is a Texas-based real estate photographer who specializes in commercial and architectural photography. He is a certified drone pilot and has over 20 years of experience in commercial photography. His account features stellar images of interiors and exteriors of different properties.

9. @mikesaundersphotography

  • Facebook account:
    Mike Saunders is a Melbourne-based photographer who captures both residential and commercial real estate properties, as well as new builds and renovations. He also captures aerial images and architecture as shown in his account.

10. @sarah_braden_photography

  • Website:
    Sarah Braden is a photographer based in the eastern suburbs of Sydney who specializes in photographing interiors and corporate portraits. Her account has gained a large following because of its consistent flow of beautiful photos of real estate interiors.

11. @realestatebymariomoreno

  • Website:
    Mario Moreno is a photographer based in Marbella, Spain who specializes in real estate, architecture and interior photography. He started with wildlife photography when he explored Africa. He focuses on travel and real estate photography as his usual photo assignments now along with commercial photography for advertising purposes.
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