A Photography Marketing for Real Estate Guide You Must Read

A Photography Marketing for Real Estate Guide You Must Read
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Jun 16, 2018

When it comes to real estate photography, providing a good quality photo in real estate catalogs can make a big impression. Photos with a good quality can be a factor to discern property listing successful or a failure. Your full leasing experience may possibly effective by producing high-quality photos. Keep in mind that, there is a power in the first impression.

Homebuyers, especially nowadays, are preferred to go online and do some home searches. And this only means that a great opportunity is on your way. With the exceptional product listing photos, you will enough click on the surprising outcome. Quality photos are essential because consumers would like to imagine themselves, living in a home which you provide from your listing. The included description will more alive if good quality photos are present. By only looking at the given photographs, they will feel at home and may perhaps see their future with it. This discernment, with the help of your photography marketing, will determine a good business transaction. To get that, here are some effective tips on photography marketing for real estate.

What is the equipment needed?

There are four important tools in getting quality photos.

  • Camera. A good ISO performance is just what you must have in a camera.
  • Lenses. Wide angle lenses are better than any lenses for it creates bigger dimension, and also help accentuate the depth feature.
  • Tripod. This gives crisp images in low light conditions. Long exposure is conceivable with this. It’s a must-buy to help you in many ways.
  • Flash. This is not necessary, but you can consider in buying this one in case you want to apply dramatic aspect on your photos.
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If you want to get the best angles, try using camera drone. This is an option to make your real estate photography marketing incredible.

What are the best locations for a home?

By sharing the photos displaying different section of a house, it will give your potential tenants a satisfaction without even bombarding you a series of questions concerning about it.

    • Living room. It is essential to capture this part of a home. When you take a photo of it, make sure to find the best angle, set a little bit of inspiration to produce comfort and kindly warmth factors on your photographs.

    • Bedroom. Shot this space with natural light through its window. It is easier to use normal brightness in this area to have it cozy feeling.

    • Kitchen and dining area. Basically, clean and well-ordered is your theme here. Make it always tidy. Other element, such cleaning products, should at least not visible when you take a photos.


    • Bathroom. The challenge here is to find the right corner. That’s it. Just ensure it’s hygienic and arranged.

    • Exterior. For outdoors, take advantage of sunlight. This creates your photos welcoming and likable.

What are the settings to modify?

There are many settings you must learn in real estate photography.

  • Shutter speed – between 1/60 and ½ a second
  • Aperture – between F8 and F11
  • ISO – no higher than 400

Should consider retouching?

Yes, there’s nothing wrong in improving your photographs. There are some enhancements you must do to produce great photos.

  • Alignment
  • HDR adjustment
  • Cropping
  • White balance

What to avoid?

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Everything is in the details, so you must never take too lightly the significance of petty concerns.

  • Stay away from an odd reflection of a flash. This cries unqualified and must be avoided whatever happens.
  • Lenses must be cleaned.
  • Sort out clutter. Messy photos do not vend, therefore make sure to get rid of needless things afore beginning to shoot.
  • Don’t go full on touch up. Recall that less is more. Not a single person be fond of it when photos appear strange.
  • No kids or animals. They are cute for Christmas commercials only, but when it comes to real estate photography, this is a completely different case.
  • Go take a shot of the entire room rather than concentrating on definite things located in this room.

Moreover, one good advice is here to capture many photos. So that you can choose the photographs which are positively the best. This one benefit of current’s digital cameras: Photographs are one-use and evidently there are no printing expenses involved. Let your probable tenants click as much as they want.

Marketing real estate photography is, in fact, easier when you get yourself a little creative. Allow yourself to learn new skills in marketing photography and be open to act on it. There are many videos online about this matter. Lots of tips and recommendations are given free all over the net.

If you are really clueless about real estate photography marketing, you can ask for people you know how to do it or hire professional ones that are within your means. You can even ask these experts to give you helpful guidelines that will boost your skills and abilities in marketing photography.

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For now, this information will possibly encourage you to get started and work progressively in this field. If you have more questions, don’t hesitate to drop a message on comment box on this site.

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