How to Make Real Estate Images Have A Stronger Twilight Effect

How to Make Real Estate Images Have A Stronger Twilight Effect

Jan 7, 2023

Real estate sales and marketing efforts significantly rely on the quality of your photographs. Utilizing a proven and tested technique–virtual staging, object removal, digital twilight effects–to elevate your property images can be a game-changer when it comes to selling homes.

According to the National Association of Realtors, virtual twilight can sell old listings or improve listing performance. If you have a difficult time getting traction on your listing, you may want to add a virtual twilight image..

Check out a few pointers on how to maximize twilight imagery in your listings below.

1. Plan ahead

Preparing for the photography session is the first step in capturing a stunning twilight image. Real estate photo editing companies can create virtual twilight from standard or ordinary pictures, but the way you shoot your photos may impact the final result.

Here are some of the considerations for the perfect twilight photo:

  • Bring your DSLR camera/s, lenses, filters, lights, tripods, and other equipment. You won’t know which ones you need until you get to the site.
  • You should plan your day, checking the weather forecasts for the possibility of rain or storms. It would help if you shot during sunny or cloudy weather with minimal interference.
  • Check the property lighting in advance. Some houses may not have matching lights or complementary to the twilight effect you want. To be safe, test your filters with the existing lighting.

2. Turn on the interior and exterior lights

The best virtual twilight photos will come when you utilize all interior and exterior lights. The key to that special twilight effect is contrasting the dimming surroundings with bright interior lights to create a unique glow and ambience.

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The various lighting produces different colors and shades in your photo. If you’re not able to capture images with lights on, utilize Phixer’s virtual twilight product. Phixers editors will digitally alter the lights in the image, so they appear to be on.

3. Use a tripod

Professional real estate photographers will always use a tripod, this allows for multiple shots, ambient and flambient, to be steadily captured. You may need to combine two or more layers depending on your goals for the final product. With a tripod, achieving that beautiful result–and a beautiful twilight–is much more attainable.

4. Utilize a flash shot

Implementing a flash shot means that you can edit the photos more realistically. Flash shots bring in intense light and help show the true colors of the home. This is helpful with virtual twilights if there is insufficient lighting.

5. Wait patiently and shoot

The golden hour is the perfect time to shoot images for twilights. As the sun starts to set, you will see the different lighting contrasts in the photo. Decide how to frame the picture, and don’t move the camera until you get the perfect shot.

Shooting twilight real estate photography differs from standard daylight shots because it’s very time-specific, unlike traditional real estate photography, where you move around the property and take many photos. You have a very short window of time to get the perfect shot.

6. Color Correction

You can also make images look more twilight in post-production with color correction or color balancing. Some parts of the property lighting may look different from others, and you can fix them in Photoshop or Lightroom.

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It is not always possible to capture the perfect in-person twilight shot, which is why many photographers are opting for a virtual twilight instead. Virtual twilight has been developed to enhance property appeal and interest, without having to wait until sunset to capture the shot. Whether you offer your client a virtual twilight or in-person twilight, the final result will always impress the viewer!

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