4 Must-Have Lightroom Editing Hacks You Shouldn’t Miss

4 Must-Have Lightroom Editing Hacks You Shouldn’t Miss
Real Estate Photo Editing

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Jan 20, 2021

With many available editing apps to use on mobile or computer, you sometimes lost track of which one to use and the kind of skills needed to master using it.

Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom come from one developer, but the kind of skill set you need is not identical.

At most, you need to master both.

So, let us make this more comfortable for you, especially when dealing with Adobe Lightroom.

If you are unfamiliar with Lightroom, it is a photo editing app that lets you do wonders on your images with just a few clicks and adjustments.

Aside from it, it is very versatile since it is available for download on mobile devices, allowing you to edit images anytime and anywhere.

For one, learning all of its features would take time, and even if you understand them right away, mastering the skills would take awhile.

Still, do not worry!

Here are four Lightroom editing hacks to make you edit photos like a pro the fastest way.

Batch Editing

It is best to do batch editing, especially in real estate photo editing.

Doing this gives more uniform consistency between all the images rather than having them differently.

And it is excellent because Lightroom lets you do batch editing!

So, if you have not been batch editing in Lightroom, you miss out on the opportunity to use this useful feature.

Practically, it is applying the same settings to different photos in one go, given that they are taken in one location with similar lighting.

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However, it does not mean that you cannot edit one photo separately from others. You can still make any final adjustments without a problem.

Range Masking

If you are using Lightroom for quite some time now, you may have noticed recent features added, namely the Luminance and Color Range Masking.

These features have been the answer to a lot of photographers’ tedious work in Lightroom.

With range masking, you can select and limit an image’s area to not be affected by local adjustments.

Moreover, masking is non-destructive and re-editable.

This means you can do even and pleasing adjustments all the time to ensure you get the edit you envision.

Saving import settings

Sometimes, there are some settings that you always use in every single image import.

It will be less hassle if there is a way to save such a setting automatically.

Fortunately, Lightroom can create default settings when importing images in the app or software.

Therefore, you can do minor edits in one image and apply them to all of the pictures you want to import, just like batch editing.

Creating presets

As someone who works in the real estate photo editing industry, creating presets for the images in Lightroom will help you save time.

Moreover, it will add a unique style to your images every time you edit. It becomes your trademark.

Presets are also highly valued because they do not make the work a lot easier; they also help you earn more since you can edit more images than what you can do in a day.

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They also make the images look unique and attractive.

You need to know that creating presets is not easy, and taking your time is crucial.

You should be mindful of the event, venue, and the subject before applying your presets to ensure that the images will not look weird or awkward.

Then, once you save a set of presets, all you do is apply them to your images and tweak them.

Voila! You have got edited images done professionally.

So, what do you think?

Are you now convinced about using Lightroom over Photoshop?

Well, your editing software does not matter a lot because, by the end of the day, you are judged by the way you edit them.

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