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We set out to create unparalleled image quality with advanced software and editing techniques. We took a journey around the world to find the highest quality designers at a reasonable price for our clients. Through training and sustainable job creation, we empower our employees and their families to break the cycle of poverty and build a brighter future.

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Phixer is formed 2009

Seattle based engineers and Artists team up to create a revolutionary application for photographers. We set out to make marketing for real estate beautiful, simple, and effective utilizing AI-powered software to increase efficiency for our clients.

Phixer opens first subsidiary company India 2010

After many late nights editing photos and video to meet deadlines, we realized we would not be able to maintain quality and still scale as a company. Initially, we tried outsourcing with various companies but the quality was inconsistent and the process was frustrating. We decided to go to India and start our own company fully managed by USA staff to maintain excellent quality and control of our product. We only had a small amount of seed funding so we rented a cheap office in a village in a place called Vijayawada. Running a business in India was the hardest challenge our team had faced. The people were wonderful but the country lacked basic infrastructure for power, transporation, and internet. We became experts at learning to overcome these challenges and decided to see if other developing nations offered a better business experience.

Phixer opens the second subsidiary company in Cebu Philippines 2013

We partnered with Philippines Adobe Representatives to find the most talented designers available. We then implemented “Fair Sourcing” as a part of our culture to positively impact the lives of all of our employees and the community. Fair sourcing means that we give Philippines employees the same benefits as USA employees such as progressive health insurance plans, 21 paid leave days, food subsidy programs, health and sexual education classes, profit share incentive, amazing employee retreats, and more.


Today Phixer is one of the largest processors for Real Estate marketing in the world. We process over 20,000 photos per day and employ over 900 people including full stack developers, photo editors, and 3D artists.

Through our unique experience we are able to deliver exceptional results to everyone from individual photographers to large publicly traded corporations. We are honored by our loyal clients who recognize our standard in excellence.