5 Creative Ways to Use Real Estate Image Editing in Social Media Posts

5 Creative Ways to Use Real Estate Image Editing in Social Media Posts

Sep 9, 2023

Social media is one of the fastest-growing platforms in the world, with billions of people using it daily, making it a viable tool for sales and promotions in general. A social media presence could potentially be your key to closing a deal and earning profits from properties in the real estate industry. However, due to its quick accessibility, most companies use social media for marketing, leading to a lot of competition. Therefore, it would be helpful if you elevated your social media efforts to ensure they stand out.

The images you use on social media can make a lasting impression, and using low-quality, poorly lit photos will only cast you in a negative light. Ideally, you can hire real estate photo editing services like Phixer to ensure that your images surpass your competitors’.

Here are some creative ways to utilize real estate image editing in your social media posts:


Decluttering is a real estate photo editing technique that employs digital programs to remove unnecessary parts or objects from an image. No potential homebuyer wants to see clutter in real estate photos, as it can make the property appear small and make it challenging for them to envision themselves living there. Moreover, clutter is often associated with an unkempt or poorly maintained property.

Use a real estate photo editing service to declutter your images before posting them on social media. These days, real estate photo editors can remove unwanted items from the picture, making your property look neater and more organized. This feature can also eliminate power lines and wires from your photos.

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Decluttering your photos on social media is essential because it allows your friends and family to focus on the photo’s aesthetics. Eliminate distractions from the picture, such as other people or unnecessary items, so that you can showcase your surroundings.

Virtual Twilight

Another creative way to use a real estate photo editor is to add virtual twilight to your photos. This editing technique can place interior lighting in images, creating natural casts on any exterior buildings and achieving a natural nighttime look. You can also adjust the brightness and contrast of your photos and align essential elements in the images vertically or horizontally with virtual twilight.

Creating a virtual twilight in your real estate photos is crucial because it significantly enhances the overall ambiance of your property. This editing feature will make your photos stand out, as pastel colors and a warm glow can make properties feel homier. High-quality exterior photos are essential for potential homebuyers to get a good view of your property.

A creative way to use this editing technique is to change the sky of your travel photos to create a more dramatic view. You can highlight your deck or patio on social media and “wow” your audience with your lawn.

Lawn Replacement

Your lawn is one of the first things homebuyers will notice about your property. The yard’s condition can make or break their buying decision, so you should only post photos on social media that showcase the beauty of your lawn. Fortunately, you can always use a real estate photo editor to replace old-looking lawns with a perfectly manicured landscape. Even if your property has had dirt or dead leaves for weeks, this option allows you to have a well-maintained lawn in no time!

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Lawn replacement is vital for several reasons. First, the surroundings are as important as your property. Seeing a messy or poorly maintained lawn will create a negative impression and discourage homebuyers from continuing to inspect the interiors of your property. Second, lawn replacement is essential because a beautiful lawn indicates proper real estate upkeep. If your lawn looks good in photos, potential buyers will consider your property valuable in the market and worth investing in.

You can use lawn replacement editing to produce perfect outdoor images for social media when you’re editing wedding photos or outdoor event photos.

Dust Spot Removal

Potential homebuyers will invest thousands or even millions of dollars in a property, which is why they pay attention to every single detail of your photo. They don’t want to spend their hard-earned money on a property that looks dirty in photos. When you remove dust spots from your real estate photos, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that potential homebuyers will be able to see the best features of your home and not focus on unwanted dust on your walls. The fewer distractions your photo has, the easier it will be for potential homebuyers to appreciate the beauty and functionality of your property!

Before posting photos of your property on social media, make sure it undergoes dust spot removal using various real estate photo editors. Even one dust spot in your living space can turn potential buyers off and encourage them to explore other properties.

Remove Photographer’s Reflection

To convince potential homebuyers that your home is a wise investment, you need to capture photos of every area around the home. Aside from the exteriors, you need to take pictures showcasing your bathroom, bedroom, living room, and dining area. But because mirrors are standard in various areas of the house, it’s no surprise that there are angles wherein viewers can spot you in the photos. Real estate image editing can solve this problem by removing any reflections from the photo, allowing you to still have professional-looking images even if you took them a few inches away from your mirrors. With this editing feature, your real estate photos will undoubtedly look cleaner!

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You can creatively employ this editing method on social media when taking photos of your car or house.

Make the Right Investment

Use a professional photo editing service if you want to leave a positive impression among potential homebuyers on social media. While this may require spending money from your pocket, the attention your photos will receive afterward will make this investment undoubtedly worthwhile!


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