What are the Best Real Estate Photo Editing Apps for Your Smartphone?

What are the Best Real Estate Photo Editing Apps for Your Smartphone?
Real Estate Photo Editing

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Sep 10, 2017

When it comes to photos for listings and other marketing collaterals, it is always best to invest in a professional photographer who can take high-quality images. If you have some time constraints or are cutting back on some cost, then your trusty smartphone can do the job. Many of the latest smartphones already take good images so this often times does the trick. The secret in making your images at par with the rest of the market is in post-production.


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There are a lot of different photo editing applications available on your smartphone mostly due to the popularity of smartphone photography.

However, there are applications that can suit your needs in real estate.

VSCO [Android App & iTunes – Apple]

The app is developed by Visual Supply Company, hence the name. This is a highly known application for editing and adjusting images. It is packed with good filters and layers that you can use in editing your photos. There are also premium filters available for purchase. Instead of going the filter route, you can also opt to edit your photos manually by adjusting the exposure, contrast, saturation, lightness, and others. This allows you to have total control on how the image will look like post-editing. VSCO is a complete editing application that will suit everyone from newbies to even skilled photographers.

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Snapseed [Android App &  iTunes – Apple]

This free application is from Nik Software, a subsidiary of Google. Snapseed was originally only available on desktop and has the capacity of a professional editing software. It is a great tool if you are new to photography. This has the basic features for photo editing, like crop, white balance, select, rotate, and others. Snapseed also has a variety of filters and selective adjusting tools. This is a powerful application that can be used for real estate photos so you can tweak them before posting.

Afterlight [Android App & iTunes – Apple]

This application is perfect for editing photos for social media use. It has its famous “Fusion” filter that lets you create your own filters, which you can reuse in the future. This is great if you have a preferred look in your images and you can just use a single filter for all the other photos that you have for your listing. This saves you time and cuts off the work you need to do.

Diptic [Android App & iTunes – Apple]

If you are also active on social media, chances are you’ve made a few collages of your real estate photos for posting. Use Diptic to turn photos and videos into collages. It comes with 179 filters, layouts, and other editing options. It is effective for telling a story through your photos. You can craft an effective story to tell to your potential buyers by being creative with its layouts. You can import photos from Facebook, your camera, and even from Flickr. Unfortunately, this app is not free but it is one of the most feature-packed apps available.

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Pixelmator [Webites & iTunes – Apple]

It is another desktop software that released a mobile app version. Pixelmator is a full-featured application that allows you to edit and create images even when you’re on the go. It comes with the basic editing tools, such as magnetic selection and quick selection. The app also lets you adjust your colors, repair photos, and even add effects. You can take full control of how you want your photo to look like. This app is priced at $2.99 but has a super easy user interface that makes it a staple app for real estate photo editing.

Lightroom [Android App & iTunes – Apple]

This is a trusty software that many photographers use in editing and correcting photos. Although originally it was only available on a laptop or desktop, Adobe has made Lightroom available for the smartphone. With it, you can edit craft professional-looking images. You can adjust the colors and correct the white balance. You can also experiment with layers and edits so you can adjust it as you feel like it.It is available on both iOs and Android for free. However, you can purchase the subscription plan for Adobe Creative Cloud Photography if you want to sync your photos and access your photos anywhere.

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