5 Real Estate Photo Retouching Tools for Newbies

5 Real Estate Photo Retouching Tools for Newbies
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Feb 25, 2019

Whenever you want to transform a real estate photo to its amazing state and you are only a beginner, you need not to worry. There are lots of photo editing programs that will surely fit your styles and capability. You may opt for free editing tools that can be found on the Internet. There are also premium or advanced editing tools that will require you to either sign up or buy the product.

Basic edits include cropping, rotating, resizing, changing of colors and background, removal of unnecessary objects, and many more. As a beginner, you might also be aware if your photos are slightly off. This is the reason why you will consider straightening of the image, proper exposure, as well as clarity.

Photos and images are integral parts of any business. This is the main reason why photo editing is essential to the digital marketing techniques that can be employed by both the real estate agent and the photographer. The real estate game nowadays employs photos as one of the potent weapons of sellers. Professional photography, which also includes editing and fine tuning of images, is very important to property listings.

It is very important to get assistance from professional photographers rather that executing the business by your own. You cannot shoot photos all day and edit them by night. Professional photos can give you great impression from potential buyers because buyers usually respond to photos. Buyers always seek the web for consultation and information. The seller who can provide the most dynamic, detailed, and crisp photos will clearly gain the advantage.
With properly edited photos shown on the listing, properties backed up by professional images will sell faster than those that are not accompanied by professional level photography. Time is also on the side of those catering well-edited photos because aside from saving time, you can even close deals with a client or create new listing, instead of doing the laborious editing works.

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Photo Retouching Tools for Newbies

Luckily for every photo editing newbie, there is a wealthy collection of photo editing and retouching tools that are available today. Photo editors can Google these different retouching tools and they can decide whether they will opt for the free software or the free trial ones.

Below is the list of five (5) most real estate photo retouching tools for beginners this 2019.

• Adobe Photoshop

This is the most popular and sought-after photo editing software by most photographers, designers, and editors. Adobe Photoshop remains to be the most well-known photo editing tool which allows users to develop, edit, and create new photos. It can be used to designing websites, mobile apps, simulating painting techniques, and of course, creating crispy and glossy real estate photos to attract customers. Adobe Photoshop has a 360-degree panorama workflow, variations of tools, and has a custom path color and width. What most people like about this editing and retouching software is its highly improved brush management system and can easily imports and develop libraries.

• Pixlr Editor

This is a wide array HTML5 photo retouching and editing software. Pixlr Editor’s best feature so far is that it can support a variety of formats and it contains a large number of editing tools which include overlay, pre-built filters, and assortment of effects. It has also a one-click management for a variety of tasks and it has this special vector editor. It’s easiness to use will really favor beginners. They can easily add image quickly while at the same time edit it by using some of the software’s stylish features.

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• Serif’s Affinity Photo

For beginners, this is a very powerful editing option but is really suited for Mac users. Its robust features can give the user how to create an end product. Because of its channel controls, editors can easily add shadows, glows, and even outline the whole photo. In general, flexibility is what Affinity can really offer. This can be a great alternative to Photoshop because of its efficiency.

• Pablo Editor

Aside from being one of the best real estate photo retouching tools around, it has a robust collection of 600,000 images that editors can choose from. These images can be used to edit some real estate photos. Basically, Pablo is a free image editing tool that can be a good alternative to boost business projects. The software is focused on image editing for social media. Speed is Pablo’s defining characteristic.

• Ribbet

Ribbet is a free image editor just like Pablo. But this software is solely focused on layering and watermarking which is ideal for collage creation. In the real estate business, collage is considered an attraction to customers since they can easily look at the whole property on only one page. Ribbet also has a number of auto-fixing tools and generally a user-friendly software.

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