6 Most Important Reasons to Use Virtual Staging When Selling a Home

6 Most Important Reasons to Use Virtual Staging When Selling a Home

May 28, 2021

Technology has opened the doors to creating artistic 2D and 3D real estate listings using the best software available. Digital alterations are necessary to highlight the best areas and show potential with small spaces, especially those with similar interior features. You can also exhibit proportions and proper angles to ensure realistic imagery.

An exemplary professional virtual staging service will help attract the correct buyers to the home listing, especially those on the fence about the purchase.


TL;DR: Here are some of the most important decisions or reasons why you should use virtual staging when selling a home:

1. Urgency to sell before the owners move out

One of the primary reasons to use virtual home staging is when you want to sell the home before moving out. You might be in a hurry, or you’re planning to sell the property as quickly as possible. Sometimes, the place won’t be ready for a shoot; in such cases, you can deploy digital enhancements to improve the space’s appearance appropriately.

There might be hundreds of things you need to do between transferring the furniture, moving out, and clearing the space for a photograph.

2. Planning to refurbish the space before putting it on the market

Real estate companies created showrooms based on the concept that people are more likely to purchase something when it has an interesting photo. This marketing technique made models and food photography famous; therefore, you can apply the same approach to real estate listings.

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You might be planning to paint the walls or add fixtures before listing, but you want to sell the space as soon as possible. You can show your vision in the form of home staging.

3. Attract out-of-town buyers

One good reason to use digital staging would be to attract buyers from other places. You need something that will help you stand out when you’re competing with hundreds of different photographs. Using a virtual staging service won’t be beneficial if you don’t know how to sell your home correctly.

4. Multiple demographics would be interested in the home

You can use virtual staging when you’re sure that multiple buyer groups are interested in the house for sale. You can reimagine a particular space in several different ways, especially when you have a two or three-bedroom place with the exact dimensions.

For example, the house is suitable for a small family. You can create virtual staging for:

  • Nursery
  • Girl/boy child’s room
  • Study room
  • Home office
  • Entertainment room

Digital home staging is one of the best ways to present possibilities to people that prefer visual representations.

5. The current condition is disorderly

Lastly, virtual staging is suitable when the current status is not presentable or unsatisfactory. You might want to show the area at its utmost best, whether you’re planning to change the space or not. Since the buyer will be making a big commitment, you should show the best potential in showcasing the home.

6. Reimagining spaces for multiple home properties

Digital home staging is an excellent method to showcase several possibilities. You can show the bare space, then creatively decorate it using various tones and color schemes. If you have a real estate website dedicated to listing several homes, you can virtually stage those with similar dimensions.

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A home is one of the most valuable properties you can purchase since most people stay there for a long time. There is an unlimited number of ways to market your home, and virtual home staging is one of the many services of a real estate photo editing company like Phixer, so you should learn how to take advantage this and sell your home fast.

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