Frequently Asked Questions

If you have anything else you want to ask, reach out to us

I need a specific photo editing style, can Phixer do that?
Due to the high-quality and streamlined approach at Phixer, we want to ensure as much consistency as possible in our photo editing process. As such, specific photo editing requests cannot be fulfilled
How do I get optimal/luxury results for photo editing?
  • We recommend taking photos with 5-6 different exposures and to include at least one flash image of each space.
  • In order to edit flash photography, a standard or advanced editing style is required.
  • Not sure about HDR vs Flash? Check out this tutorial.
Can I do video editing without a subscription?
No, we do not currently offer video editing without an active subscription.
When do I pay?
  • Payment is required after the editing is completed, but before the photos are viewed.
  • If the client is on a subscription, the credits will automatically be deducted from the credit balance. and the project will automatically be unlocked once completed.
How do I request a revision?
  • After your project is completed, you have ten days to request a revision.
  • To request a revision:
    • Select the project that you would like to make a revision on
    • Once the project is opened, select the photo you'd like to revise
    • Click directly on the photo and describe the revision you'd like to have completed
    • Add any revisions to additional photos
    • Click “Submit” in the bottom right-hand corner to send your photos back to editing.
  • Any issue with quality, revisions are free. Alterations to images such as object removal or object manipulation are chargeable.
Does Phixer offer any deals?
Subscriptions are a great option for saving money and can be canceled anytime. Keep in mind that credits on your account don't expire and they remain on your Phixer account until you use them.
My photos are blank after they have been uploaded, can the editor still view them?
Yes, the editor can still view them. If there are any issues with the project or uploaded files, we will reach out!
What file size and file type should be submitted when uploading?
  • Upload your RAW images/videos, we will take it from there!
  • For photos, you can upload any file type, but you'll get the best results if you upload your RAW images. If you aren't sure if you're capturing the right images, review our tutorial.
  • For videos, we recommend that you shoot your videos in LOG and that the video files be in 1080p, 23fps, MOV, or MP4 format.
How many images can I upload at a time?
  • There is no limit to the number of images you can upload!
  • Keep in mind that the larger the file sizes are, the longer the files will take to upload!
  • Phixer does not have the ability to calculate how long it will take to upload the video/photo files. This is dependent on the internet speed and file size. You can check out this link to get an estimate.
  • We do not offer Dropbox or any other options for uploading videos/photos.
  • If you are not on a plan, you will be charged $10/GB above 10 GB (for photo) and $10/GB above 20GB (for video)
Can music be changed on my video?
  • Yes! We have a list of the music that has been purchased, therefore there will not be any copyright issues.
  • You can pick what song you'd like from a list!
  • There will be a $10 revision charge.
What type of file do you deliver back to clients?
We send the photos back in an uncompressed, 12 JPEG level which is a super high-quality image and suits 99.9% of real estate or editing needs.
How do I add people to my team? What can they see/do?
  • To add people to your team, click on the “My Team” icon on the left side of the dashboard
  • Click “Add Member”
  • They'll get an email with a temporary password to log into their account
  • New team members will have limited access. Phixer support can manually change a team members role to “Admin” if requested.
Can I do virtual staging at the same time as photo editing?
To keep quality high, you will need to wait for your photos to be edited before you can request virtual staging.
Can I place a rush order?
  • We don't like to “rush” any projects because we want to ensure that every project is edited according to our high standards of excellence.
  • Occasionally, projects are returned sooner than expected, but there are no guarantees.
  • For photo editing and photoshop edits, we offer three different turnaround times: 12 hours, 18 hours, and 24 hours.
  • For video editing and virtual staging, we offer two different turnaround times: 24 hours and 48 hours.
  • Keep in mind that once the project is in editing, the turnaround time cannot be revised.
What do I need to do if my project is in the editing phase and I want to make changes?
  • Once the project is moved to the editing phase, the project can no longer be modified.
  • We are unable to make any changes to the turnaround time.
  • If you have an urgent request, it is always best to contact the support team through chat or email.
What if I need my photos in a difference size?
  • If you would like your photos in a different size, simply click on “Photo Settings” on the left side of the dashboard and toggle on your desired sizes. This is only applicable for future projects.
  • If you are needing photos from a past project in a different size, please let our support team know. Wed be happy to get them resized for you!
How long do my photos stay on the Phixer website?
  • Your edited photos will always stay on Phixer website
  • After the project has been in the “Completed” status for 10 days, the project will move to “Photo Drive”
  • Your RAW images will be deleted after about 3 weeks.