How Real Estate Marketing Changed Due to COVID-19?

How Real Estate Marketing Changed Due to COVID-19?
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Jul 20, 2020

We are already halfway down 2020, and everything that happened so far seems to be a nightmare, specifically, the coronavirus pandemic. Its massive effect worldwide does not only affect people but also crippled most nations’ economies.

With all the lockdowns and border restrictions, some businesses are forced to shut down while others can only operate utilizing a skeletal workforce. The worst part is there are varied industries affected, including real estate.

Real estate marketing is indeed booming in the past years, but now it is changing fast. As a result, marketers are left with no choice but to find alternative ways to help them manage the effects of COVID-19 in the industry.

Real Estate Market Before COVID-19

According to a Forbes report by Brenda Richarson, 2019 was an excellent year for the real estate market. There was undeniably high industry growth due to utilizing digital marketing tools to reach a broader audience and more prospective buyers. Who would have thought it would get ruined this year? The impacts of the pandemic in the real estate industry are uncontrollable, and it is killing most realtors nowadays.

How should realtors and companies cope?

Let us be honest. The real estate industry is not protected from sudden economic changes caused by this pandemic. Thus, as a realtor or an owner of a real estate photo editing company, you need to be agile and creative while incorporating critical thinking skills in devising ways on how the business can thrive during this time.

Always utilize the power of the internet. There are many restrictions on mobility, and people are advised to stay at home. Remember that one of these people may be your potential client, and one right way to reach out to them is through online channels – whether it is your website or social media accounts.

Remember that this setup is highly perceived as part of the ‘new normal’ already. This only means that people will still be reluctant to go out, visit properties, and make themselves available for a face-to-face consultation even after the pandemic subsides. So, what can you do?

Simple. Do not only make your listings or real estate photo editing company available online just for its sake. Instead, build a robust online presence and integrate digital marketing strategies to make your business or listings searchable and more visible to your target market.

Useful Tips You Can Consider

Aside from heavily investing in your digital presence, here are some other tips that you can take into account in trying to maintain your business afloat during this time.

Do not ditch online tools

If you want to remain in the real estate industry, you need to evolve. Never take for granted some of the incredible online tools that are available right now. Consider them as the perfect means to help potential buyers continue to visit homes and other properties remotely. Here are some of them:

Single Property Websites

A site intended to make your property stand out online by having a specific site for one property with amazing photos from a real estate photo editing company.  

Virtual Staging

Utilize this tool to turn photos of an empty room into a fully staged masterpiece that can attract potential buyers.

Real Estate Video

A more powerful tool to elevate sales.


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Be patient and understanding

As a realtor, it is normal that you look forward to closing deals by the end of the day. However, it is different now. With everything being done online, you need to understand that some clients may take more time in decision-making. Be more empathetic. It may be a goal for them to buy a property, but they might have second thoughts due to the current situation. So, learn not to rush them as they decide.

Give yourself a break

Remember not to push yourself too hard. Doing so will not have any positive effects on you. If you can automate processes, then better. What is important is that you maintain online visibility all the time.

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