Fair Sourcing

Traditionally, American companies have supported their U.S. employees by offering a 401(k) retirement plan, two weeks of vacation, and health insurance. Maybe they would throw in casual Fridays for good measure. For their non U.S. employees the benefits were not usually as generous. Without strong ... Read More

Making Health a Priority

Free Vaccinations

According to the World Health organization a basic concept of public health is that every individual who is protected from a disease as a result of an immunization is one less individual capable of transmitting the disease to others. Many vaccines available today offer the ... Read More

Sex Education

Sexual education serves as a vital tool of public health by providing youth with the skills and knowledge to make informed choices regarding their sexuality. It encompasses subjects such as anatomy, physical development, pregnancy, contraception and STIs. Sexuality education has numerous benefits. Multiple studies have found that knowledge of contraception and STIs leads to less risky sexual behavior. It also serves to bolster human rights. By reducing adolescent pregnancy, which often causes girls to drop out of school, it helps to protect the right to education. Research has proven that young people with informed notions of sexuality tend to postpone their first sexual experiences and to use contraception. As one might expect, they also contracted fewer STIs, had fewer unintended pregnancies and had fewer violent relationships.

Food Program

Phixer has set up a food security program to feed the families of employees who are often living in provincial villages with little or no access to employment. The company uses bulk buying power to purchase large amounts of rice and has partnered with Metro Supermarket, the largest retailer of food ... Read More

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Holistic Employee Suppport

Employee Trips

Employee trips allow our team members to recharge the body, mind and soul through physical activities, relaxation techniques or the cultivation of healthy habits. The trips also provide a memorable experience for employees, so they feel that their efforts and hard work are recognized.

Artistic Encouragement

We understand that a majority of our employees chose their careers because they are artists at heart. One of the most important values to our company is the support of artistic pursuit and passion.

Artistic Development

In order to facilitate this among our employees we provide free access to high end video and photography equipment and free time each week for employees to create videos that inspire them artistically and bring joy to the whole company. We have built a full music studio with guitars, keyboards, ... Read More


We provide continuous training and opportunities to advance their technical skill level for our employees via Phixer University because we believe that focus on gaining marketable skills will increase the leverage that our employees have in their own lives and thus give them more freedom.