How to Attractively Stage Your Home With the Click of a Mouse

How to Attractively Stage Your Home With the Click of a Mouse

May 24, 2022

Over 4.95 billion people have been using the Internet worldwide, turning digital platforms into convenience, innovation, and smooth communication avenues. Most real estate professionals use the World Wide Web to connect with potential buyers, network with like-minded real estate practitioners, and market properties for sale. Multiple sites and programs can help you improve your real estate competency and conversion rates.

These days, you can accomplish a lot for your real estate listings with just a mouse click, whether virtual furniture staging or virtual staging. Moreover, you can enhance your post-production game with decluttering and editing apps requiring a few taps. Various innovations have improved the standards and processes for real estate photos.

Before we proceed further, let’s talk about virtual staging and why you should consider using it for your real estate listings.

What is Virtual Staging?

Virtual staging is a digitally-made showroom for real estate marketing and sales purposes. You can implement profiled looks and feels to a particular property and virtually stage a room to make it more presentable and aesthetically pleasing to potential buyers.

Why Should You Virtually Stage a Room?

There are many reasons to stage a home virtually. Most people want to focus on virtual staging furniture that allows them to dress up empty spaces according to exciting concepts and lifestyle pegs. Home staging came into practice long before the Internet was ever a thing, and developers used to spend thousands on physical showrooms.

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These days, you can easily stage listing photos with a click of a mouse or a tap of a finger on your phone. You can improve your chances of attracting the right buyers.

How to Stage Listing Photos with a Mouse Click

You can virtually stage any listing photo even if you’re not a real estate photographer or professional graphics creative. Now that we’ve established the importance of enhancing real estate photos, here are the many ways to attractively stage your home with just a mouse click:

1. Digitally declutter images using photo editing software

Sometimes, you need to remove items, furniture pieces, personal belongings, and clutter found in the photo to add better ones. Staging opens up possibilities from your existing spaces to suit the lifestyle or image you want to project to potential customers. You don’t need to be a virtual staging expert to improve your real estate listing photographs.

Photo editing software allows you to improve your real estate pictures’ appearance by removing unwanted objects with just a few clicks, whether you’re using the classic cut-and-paste method, healing spot brush, or clone stamp tool. These techniques are pretty straightforward, especially for those with extensive photo-editing experiences.

If you can’t do it yourself and you need the help of an expert, Phixer can help declutter images with a click of your mouse.

2. Find home staging ideas online

You may want to virtually stage a room, but you don’t know where to begin. Luckily, many others have done the feat before you, and the Internet is an excellent place to search for lookbooks, inspiration, and ideas. Pinterest, for example, is a platform with many modern and traditional designs perfect for indoor and outdoor spaces.

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You can search for the following information online:

  • Home staging tips
  • Virtual staging hacks
  • Real estate listing photo examples
  • Interior decoration ideas
  • Furniture styles

Looking up real-life examples would immensely help the creative process if you want to have your staging professionally made. You can also show the samples to your potential clients, especially those staged with similar room sizes.

3. Try furniture using Augmented Reality (AR)

Like those dress-up apps, virtual staging furniture is a fun experience using AR technology. Famous retail brands like IKEA, Target, and Amazon have iOS and Android apps that allow you to decorate your room with pieces of furniture to scale. You can also access websites where you can upload pictures and try different types of furniture to check how it looks.

AR boasts a 90% conversion rate, and around half of the customers prefer shopping with AR assistance. You can expect better and more accessible AR technologies as ecommerce becomes more popular and people appreciate virtual illustrations more than traditional property visits.

Virtual furniture staging has become increasingly popular, especially among buyers looking for how specific furniture pieces look in the space. As better AR and VR technologies are available, people will soon hold real estate tours using VR headsets.

4. Use a Virtual Staging app or website

The best kind of staging is one made by experts. Aside from furniture apps, you can do virtual staging online through apps or websites. Companies like Phixer have a dedicated mobile app where you can capture listing photos and have them edited by experts.

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Virtual staging websites can offer the same experience, especially those that allow you to save your edits instantly. You should be careful in choosing because some of those sites can be costly, especially if you don’t have a clear vision of the style you want.

5. Hire a Virtual Staging expert

Another way to digitally stage your property with just a mouse click would be to hire a virtual staging expert for post-production listing photos. If Photoshop or editing programs are too overwhelming or time-consuming, you can rely on professionals. Often, these real estate editing companies provide more than just virtual staging.

Here are some services that you can hire real estate photography and post-production experts for:

  • Photo editing
  • Video editing
  • Drone shots
  • Lawn replacement
  • Decluttering
  • Virtual twilight

Most companies offer 8 to 48 hours turnaround times depending on the request, and they offer consultations and customer support to ensure that you get the images you need. Some websites allow you to log in and upload your photos to monitor progress and check edit status.


There are many ways to approach virtual staging online, and more companies present real estate photography and post-production services. Fortunately, a lot of the current technology improves the aesthetics and appearances of regular property images. Someday, people will make quick decisions on real estate properties with digital ocular inspections.

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