The 5 Best Virtual Staging Apps and Software for Real Estate Agents

The 5 Best Virtual Staging Apps and Software for Real Estate Agents

Real estate listings are very competitive, with most agents putting their best photo editing techniques forward. Virtual staging is a great way to gain potential real estate buyers because it allows clients to see the bare space without clutter. With innovative technology at your fingertips, it’s easy to pull off excellent post-production methods even with minimal technical skills.

You only need a phone or laptop and creativity to improve your real estate listings. You can highlight important aspects of space and conduct room personalizations since most buyers make their decisions on the spot. Luckily, there are several virtual staging options you can choose from.

For example, some apps allow you to fit particular furniture into a space so that you can show your client how their favorite couch would fit into the living space.

Virtual Staging Apps

The recent technological developments have improved how we create, convert and deliver information. Devices have become more compact and accessible, and we’ve increased our expectations on speed and reliability. Real estate applications and programs are evolving rapidly, which brings about more marketing potential.

Real estate agents, especially those with creative backgrounds, can use photo editing apps for minor photo adjustments. For more complicated work, you can choose reliable virtual home staging software accessible on your phone.

Mobile apps provide cost-effective and quick real estate space improvement options as trends progress. These programs will allow you to showcase your imagination on the go, whether through AR or VR imaging.

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TL;DR: Here are five of the best virtual staging software available:

1. Homestyler

The first app on the list, Homestyler, is excellent for simple show and tell with new buyers, and the mobile application enables quick decoration and execution. Homestyler is a free virtual staging app for real estate Android and iOS devices. Although it may seem more like an application for homebuyers rather than realtors or real estate agents, Homestyler allows the client to see the possible furniture placements and designs. The app helps interior designers quickly illustrate their suggestions.

This virtual staging software primarily focuses on interior decoration using augmented reality (AR) to add three-dimensional pieces of furniture in room images. It’s one of the best virtual staging software in 2021 due to its compatibility with computers and mobile devices, and you don’t have to pay to install it.

2. Housecraft

The second app on the list, Housecraft, allows you to improve empty spaces on the go for viewings. Housecraft is a free virtual staging app for real estate available on iOS or Apple devices. Like Homestyler, Housecraft is an app that uses AR to place fully-rendered 3D furniture pieces in open areas. It’s an app that allows you to stage virtually anywhere in real-time.

It’s an app primarily for individual customers, but real estate agents may use it for quick illustration during on-site tours and visits. Since people are more likely to purchase something they know would suit their lifestyle and expectations.

3. iStaging

The third app on the list, IStaging, allows real estate agents to do virtual staging. IStaging is a virtual staging app that turns compatible smartphones and devices into virtual reality cameras to capture and render 360-degree space tours in real-time. You can transform any basic listing into a one-of-a-kind visual experience, and they have so many options available both on their software and website.

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The app is remarkable in creating virtual tours and staging, and you can choose a plan to suit your needs and demand. The Ultra plan costs $299/year ($29/month) with free workshops, custom branding, up to 15 monthly LiveTours, virtual reality (VR) editor, application access, augmented reality (AR) for the floor plans, and discounted gear. Ultimate costs $699/year ($69/month), and the Enterprise option is available upon request.

4. RoOomy

The fourth app, RoOomy, offers paid professional staging opportunities if you have neither creativity nor time to pull off complicated designs. RoOomy is a virtual staging app for Apple devices with realistic three-dimensional AR and VR images. It’s suitable for creating stunning virtual enhancements to real estate photography. You can offer listing photos, select your design style, and then reinforce virtual staging to your real estate listing.

The app has three payment Tiers: $415.00 (Tier One) for four virtual stagings, $589.00 (Tier Two) for six, and $835.00 (Tier Three) for nine. It’s one of the more expensive apps on this list, but it guarantees high-quality images that you can use for real estate listings and other purposes.

5. Room Planner

The fifth app, Room Planner, is intended to dress up and modify rooms. Room Planner is a virtual staging software for Android and iOs devices to create stunning visuals for your real estate listing. You can measure your space and scale your design according to your plan dimensions. Create beautiful and professional two-dimensional and three-dimensional visualizations for your floor plans to furnish and decorate with world-famous brands.

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The app has predesigned layouts for different house rooms like living rooms, bathrooms, bedrooms, etc., to act as inspiration for your visualization. Room Planner has the following rates: $4.99 for Interior Design, $14.99 for Architecture, $59.99 for Design & Room maker, $74.99 for Floor plan creator, and $119.99 for room Decoration. Room Planner has subscriptions at $7.99 for Basic, $19.99 weekly, $59.99 annually, and $149.99 lifetime. You can select the subscription that works for you.


Real estate buyers often rely on photos, images, and other representations before making decisions. Sometimes, handling a virtual home staging software is not enough, and you need a professional’s touch. Real estate agents heavily rely on mobile apps or computer software to communicate and create digital innovation.

If you think the apps are too complicated to operate on your own, Phixer offers a wide range of real estate editing services, from virtual staging to decluttering. You can check out the company’s portfolio and pages to know more about the best-suited real estate editing services for marketing efforts.

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